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    I know this is not an original idea but I was thinking of having a new thread with some parameters. Firstly these books can't be too long, >300 pages and the more economical the use of words the better. Secondly it has to be non fiction, you can derive whatever life lessons you want from great literature but the same effect cannot be guaranteed for the next person. Lastly the books have to give an insight into the world around us that cannot be derived from just having a predisposition for introspection and being well-read generally. Also a small justification would probably make the recommendation more persuasive

    I'll start

    Dialogue on Personal Identity and Immortality by John R. Perry

    I learnt from this book whatever religious beliefs you hold the mere idea of an afterlife or what most people commonly think of as an afterlife is logically inconceivable. It's so well laid out and concise as well. Though the brutal conclusions in this book aren't exactly comforting I'm glad I still read this as the textbook for one of my philosophy courses

    Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster by Dana Thomas

    This is a must for anyone on styleforum and anyone in general who has disposable income beyond meeting their basic needs. Though I had some inclination of what goes on in the fashion industry the extent of it and how perverse it has become shocked me. This book forces you to make better choices when dealing with luxury goods

    The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli

    This strategy book is astonishing for the fact that it still holds up today. Almost all of us lead social lives and where it becomes adversarial this book gives valuable insight on maximising your utility

    I'd imagine stuff like the theory of the leisure class being up there as well though I have into read that. This list is meagre because I really don't read a lot but I was hoping other suggestions will fill this thread up

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    The Law by Frederic Bastiat.

    The Singularity is Near by Raymond Kurzweil - although this is double the 300 page requirement it is required reading.
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