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BLOWOUT: Outerwear, Knits, Shirts (Bless, Schneider, Thom Browne, Ann D, Ervell, BoO...)

Discussion in '2011-2017 Streetwear' started by lmaozedong, Aug 18, 2012.

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  1. lmaozedong

    lmaozedong Senior member

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    Jul 15, 2009
    So I've come to the realization that I have an entire collection of clothing worth thousands of dollars that I can maybe wear one day a week for the rest of my life. Instead of letting it all rot in my closet until the end of time, I'm selling it all for ridiculously cheap prices. However, I'm pretty tight on time these days so the insane prices come with a few caveats:
    1) I can't take any more pictures or take any measurements unless you can guarantee me that you will buy my stuff or are already purchasing something else. Everything fits like a 46 top/bottom and a 10-10.5 shoe. I guarantee it, I'm 5'10" and 150 with a pretty average body and right smack in the middle of 46.
    2) This sale thread will only exist for ONE WEEK. I am shipping everything out next Sunday, and anything that does not sell by that time will never see the light of day again.
    3) I may be slow to answer PMs. I apologize, but please understand that I am extremely busy. If you can be ready to PayPal when you message me and can do as much research as you can on your own, it will be of benefit to both parties (sorry, I'm really just being honest here).
    4) No lowballing. All prices are as-is including shipping in the CONUS as I already know that it's all ridiculously cheap. I will discount $5 for each additional item that you purchase, however.

    Band of Outsiders Oxford Shirt. Size M. 8/10. $75
    Might fit more like a 48 than a 46. Worn a bit, has really cool contrast buttonhole details. Fantastic BoO cut.

    Band of Outsiders Poplin Shirt. Size S. 9.5/10. $65

    Band of Outsiders Shirt. Size S. 8.5/10. $65

    Mister Freedom Chambray. Size S. 8/10. $75
    Great shirt, fantastic details and construction obviously. Top notch stuff.

    Wings + Horns Shirt. Size S. 9.5/10. $70
    Great shirt, really subtle shadow plaid shirt, looks like a flat navy unless you look really close in the light. Sweet details.

    Patrik Ervell Mockneck Sweatshirt. Size XS. 9/10. $90
    Sorry for the wrinkles. Been sitting improperly folded in my closet all summer. Great jersey material, nice classic Ervell cut, what more can you ask for in a sweatshirt?

    Attachment Tee. Size 1. 9/10. $40 SOLD
    The perfect tee for the aspiring gothninja. Slightly wider at the neck with raw seams, the fit, material, and drape of this tee could not be better. 3/4 sleeve.

    Bless Hoodcoat. Size M, fits 46. 9/10. $700 SOLD
    You all know this. Grail among grails. Little rip in the lining that was there when I bought the jacket, hasn't increased in size with wear and has not caused any problems, very easy fix.

    Ann Demeulemeester Paper Jacket. Size S. 8.5/10. $150 SOLD
    THE perfect jacket for spring/summer layering. Has served me tremendously well, goes great with a tee, a button-up, a tank--really, anything. Really comfy/lightweight, great cut with elongated arms.

    Stephen Schneider Hooded Jacket. Size IV. 9/10. $150 SOLD
    Great jacket, made of a lightweight cotton outside layer and a really comfortable jersey inside layer. Great for lounging around in, got that Stephen Schneider relaxed vibe.

    Gitman Vintage Flannel Shirt. Size S. 9.5/10. $70 SOLD
    GV has the reputation for using the best materials in their shirts, and this is certainly no exception. Really solid, thick flannel fabric. Will keep you warm as fuck, I promise.

    Patrik Ervell Oxford Shirt. Size XS. 8.5/10. $75 SOLD
    I actually think that this shirt has the best oxford cloth that I've felt. Better than the Thom Browne shirts I have, better than GV, better than anything.

    Attachment Tee. Size 1. 9/10. $40 SOLD
    Same deal as the last one, but short sleeve and black.

    Diet Butcher Slim Skin Knit. Size 1. 9/10. $120 SOLD
    Dope as fuuuuuuuuck. Gradient knit. Slim in the body, long length. Seriously. The coolest knit I've ever owned, so comfortable, too.

    Wolf vs. Goat Shirt. Size XS. 9/10. $40 SOLD
    Beautiful, beautiful buttons. Sweet cut but arm length is on the short side for me, or I would keep for sure.

    Blackbird Ballard Shirt. Size S. 9/10. $50 SOLD
    I heard this was made by Gitman. It certainly has top-notch construction and is made in the US. One of the coolest shirts I own, wood buttons and a really cool worn-in look.

    Thom Browne Shirt. Size 1. 9.9999/10. $90 SOLD
    Shortened a couple of inches and the tag has been taken off. Grosgrain. Never worn by me.

    Stephen Schneider Shirt. Size IV. 9.9/10 $110 SOLD
    Really great pattern from Schneider, nice and lightweight. Comfortable. Worn maybe once.
    Stephen Schneider Shirt. Size IV. 8.5/10 $100 SOLD
    Fantastic shirt, really soft and comfortable with a nice relaxed but still sharp cut.
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  2. Severisth

    Severisth Senior member

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    Dec 10, 2008
    Kansas City, MO

  3. nahneun

    nahneun Uncle Nephew

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    Feb 25, 2009
    i call dibs.

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