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Black tie event with navy suit - what shirt/ neckwear?

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by M Colleague, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. M Colleague

    M Colleague Member

    Mar 23, 2012
    Hey guys,

    I'm going to a black-tie-ish NYE party. Having attended the event before I know that there's going to be a number of people wearing normal dark suits. In recent years I've always worn my black tuxedo and felt appropriately dressed, but this time I forgot to bring it.

    The most formal option I have available is a very nice navy two button suit. I guess I want to 'dress it up' but I'm unsure if it's fine to combine it with my normal tuxedo gear (which I have available). Here's all my options:

    1. Tuxedo shirt with a hidden placket and Kent collar
    2. White business shirt with a semi-spread collar

    1. Black bow tie
    2. Black tie with very subtle white stripes
    3. Solid blue tie (with a hue dangerously close to the color of my suit :/)

    Can you guys please help me pick the most appropriate/formal combination :)

    Thanks :D
  2. Stony32

    Stony32 Well-Known Member

    Apr 5, 2009
    Shirt: 2
    Tie: 3
  3. JayJay

    JayJay Senior member

    Jun 25, 2007
    This: business solid white shirt (#2) and solid navy tie (#3). You'll look great. Mixing a formal shirt and tie with a business suit is a no-no, and you'll look awful. Wear the business getup and have fun on NYE.
  4. GreenFrog

    GreenFrog Senior member

    Oct 20, 2008

  5. codeman92190

    codeman92190 Well-Known Member

    Oct 8, 2012
    Do you have a picture of this? I feel like you may be able to get away with this and maintain a level whimsicality appropriate for a New Years celebration depending on exactly how business-like your suit and shirt are and how formal this bow-tie is. You certainly don't want to look like you're trying a poor man's tuxedo, but I don't imagine it would be very fun to celebrate the New Year like you're going to a board meeting. Is buying a more interesting tie out in town not an option?
  6. A Harris

    A Harris Senior member Dubiously Honored

    Jan 6, 2003
    2, and probably 2 - second the request for a pic of the black tie.

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