Beware of "Made to Measure" suit companies

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    Consumers should be aware many of these companies will charge you for any garment you order even if it screws up the construction of the garment.

    They protect themselves by getting you to sign an order that says MySuit does not accept return or provide refunds. This happened to me on two suits and I'm $1100 worse off for the experience.

    Companies offering "custom made" or "made to measure" suits give the impression that they will make a suit to fit you personally. But this doesn't mean that they take the number of measurements necessary to ensure the correct fit in all cases.

    They use standardized models of suit sizes and find the one that most closely resembles your body. They then measure arm length, pant leg length, chest, waist and a couple of other measurements. Importantly, they pay no attention to the most critical part of the suit -- how the sleeve needs to fit into the shoulder hole to match how your arm hangs relative to your posture. In my case (and I have pretty normal posture), this omission caused really bad crumpling of material on the shoulder -- rendering my jackets completely unacceptable and a worse fit than "ready to wear" suits bought off the peg.

    Admittedly, they do take a lot of trouble to customize minor details -- like the color of the jacket lining, the color of the stitches around button holes, the type of lapel, the number and configuration of buttons, the number of vents and pockets, and so on. But what's the benefit of all of this "embroidery" if the actual suit looks awful when made?

    What's worse is that one of the companies I dealt with made little effort to correct the problem. They acknowledged orally that the sleeve was incorrectly sewn into the arm hole and needed to be rotated a 1/4". But they said that this was too expensive to do. They actually said they would have the tailor try to fix it but, two weeks later, the problem was identical. They hadn't fixed it. Oh, and if there's no tailor on the premises, that's a really bad sign.

    So, M2M and custom-made formulas may work for some clients, it doesn't work for many of us -- causing major disappointment and considerable financial loss.

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