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Best value jacket/trouser cloners?


Senior Member
Mar 15, 2011
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So assuming I've found my ultimate fit in terms of a jacket and ultimate fit in terms of trousers, which I have now, after having bought dozens of suits and sportcoats over the years; do we have any good tailors/vendors now for copying construction and fit for CMT jobs? I have a few bolts of suiting I would like to get made into something, but I don't want to experiment with anyone else's house style or with any tailors that haven't done this kind of work on volume.

The dream would be somewhere in Asia there are tailors experienced in copying the handwork of the best tailors who can work off of a sample garment I send in, on my choice of cloth. I doubt that exists yet, but I'm sure it will one day and am just checking in to see if we are there.


Distinguished Member
Aug 29, 2013
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For replicating trousers, Luxire has done a great job for me, but there are also postings on their affiliate thread reporting different results so YMMV.

Jacket replication is a completely different problem. Replicating the construction perfectly would require deconstructing the jacket to understand how it's put together (see @jefferyd 's great blog posts if you haven't already), then finding the internal components (canvas, etc) with the same characteristics as the original, and then constructing the jacket identically to the original. I don't claim to understand the economics of tailored clothing production, but intuitively I have a hard time understanding how this make sense to offer such a service from a business standpoint. The clients looking for such a service are likely price-sensitive. How would you expect people with that kind of expertise--both in understanding jacket construction and in "copying the handwork of the best tailors"--to take on such projects? What do you think is the difference between people who can "copy the handwork of the best tailors" and the best tailors and why should the former be paid less than the latter to do the same job?

Luxire will replicate a jacket. While the dimensions of the replicated jacket will be very close to the original, in my experience the construction will not be identical to the original.


Senior Member
Affiliate Vendor
Nov 8, 2017
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I've seen decent results from Luxire.

But it depends on what you are trying to copy...
I would not expect them to be able to copy an Attolini jacket.

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