Best Shirting (Bespoke or MTM) in Greater Boston?

Discussion in 'Menswear Advice' started by haroldbear, Jun 18, 2016.

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    Jun 18, 2016
    Hi, all,

    New to the forum, but wondering if anyone knows of a good bespoke shirtmaker or very competent mtm shirtmaker in/around Boston.

    I understand Sordillo's Tailors makes shirts, though I have yet to determine whether they are truly bespoke or just mtm, how nice they are, etc.

    If anyone has had experiences with Sordillo's shirts, please share. I was quoted $175 per shirt for basic fabrics and a mere two shirt minimum (with a buy 4 get 5th free kind of deal also on offer), which would be a steal if they are true bespoke or even reliably high-quality mtm.


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