Bespoke Math Part II

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by PiPPo NYC, Jun 11, 2012.

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    Jun 7, 2012
    I wanted to post a follow up to my previous Bespoke Math post. The tailor I initially consulted with is Michael Andrews Bespoke. The price I was asked to pay was $3,000 and, even if I did not go with them because of the partial construction overseas, which was a deal breaker for me, I have to say that the experience was very pleasant. The pattern, I was told, is paper and a lot of work is done on site. In any case, given the overseas partial construction, I felt that the price was too much and hence my bargaining post (to which I never followed up).

    Everyone at MABs was cordial and professional. Therefore, if you are the market for a trendy, cool experience, and have extra cash to spend, I would recommend them. I am more of a classic guy so, unfortunately, it did not work out. Moreover, I no longer wear suits, so before spending that kind of money, I a little bit careful.

    I decided, instead, to go with Bhambi Custom Tailors because they had done some alterations for me in the past and I was very happy with their work. Bhambi does not carry the Dourmeil fabric that I liked and for which I had only the pattern number. I have, however, posted on SF and a person from Dourmeil responded, so chapeau to Dormeuil for the amazing customer service.

    I went to the Dourmeuil store and I was asked $199 per yard for the Amadeus cloth of my previous post, which I think is a little bit pricey.

    So my question is do you guys know a store in NYC where I can go to look for fabrics for suiting with a wide selection?



    PS Once the suit is done I will post a few pics, so you can judge the quality of Bhambi's work.
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    Good luck

    Why not go RTW? Might be better option for you

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