Berwick: Another good shoe brand for $200~300+ range?

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by strangedream, Dec 18, 2012.

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    Justin the Shoe Snob recently posted a favorable review of the spanish shoe maker Berwick. Their website is Spanish only and no e-commerce (yet, hopefully), but images I see and what it says on the review makes me quite excited.


    So in the similar price range, there are Meermin, Ed Et Al, Andrew Lock and now Berwick. Granted, Berwick doesn't have website in English nor e-commerce, but given that they offered Justin a pair for a review, I hope they do.

    I am trying to do my first decent shoes purchase as a new pair, not thrift nor eBay. My initial idea was AE Strand, but changed my mind after reading good reviews for Meermin, Ed Et Al and Andrew Lock through the blogosphere. I was already unsure between first three brands but after reading Justin's review Berwick...well I am just lost now. Anyway, has anybody had a chance to examine any of these four brands?

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    see the other Berwick thread

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