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beer, lovely beer


Senior Member
Apr 17, 2006
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i love beer. i like wine and i like scotch and i like gin and vodka...but i love beer. without further ado here are some beers i have been drinking recently:

westmalle dubbel - now to totally contradict the opening of this thread, this stuff was pretty fucking nasty. at 7% abv it is on the strong side, but i had enjoyed duvel and kwak in the past (i'll post notes when i buy again) so i thought i'd get along fine with this sultry belgian filly. it tastes of half flat watered down chocolatey puddle water, a nothing foretaste with a faintly sickly bitter caramel aftertaste. it remeinded me of cheap english bitter, and call me a traitor to queen, country and flag, but british beer is crap. so moving swiftly on i cracked this:

pilsner urquell - just look at the colour! a deep seductive clean amber, i swear zues used this stuff to wash down the ambrosia. the bubbles are sharp and crisp, it is bone dry and his a deep hoppy aftertaste, you can tell there are no chemicals or superfluous ingredients, it is the beer equivalent of a pared down sports car, a liquid porsche 550. because it is so strong in flavour i stuck this in the freezer and chilled it right down, refreshing ice cold beer with a lovely taste. there is a flip side to this though; i have tried urquell when straight out of a crappy pub fridge and when not cold enough it is a little cloying. at only 4.4% you can drink a ton of this stuff and not want to go out and hurl furniture at german police as well, if this was the only beer they sold in the UK i would be a happy man. one more before the mrs comes home ("why the hell haven't you done the washing up? now turn 'who wants to be a millionaire' off and what the fuck are you doing taking photos of your fucking beer you freak?! etc etc" domestic bliss):

this is a local supermarket own brand (the co-op) but as it says on the label is brewed in bavaria, and that mean reinheitsgebot, which means german purity law, which means minimal hangover, which means i would happily learn and speak ze deutsch in the UK if our government would pass a simmilar law over here. so, a bavarian weizen bier, nicely fizzy and zesty but it does lack some of the subtlety of the branded names. the colour is somewhat unfortunately reminiscent of a human waste product after a nasty UTI (or so i'd imagine) and it leaves a fairly strong aftertaste. standard erdinger is definitely nicer, much more delicate and creamy, but for £1.35 the co-op stuff isn't bad at all is one of my regular drinks.

recently i have also had a couple of kristallweisse beers and a lovely ukrainian unashamed copy of the bavarian heffeweizen style - no pictures though so no reviews, but there will be more to come. what beers do other SF'ers drink?


Stylish Dinosaur
Sep 28, 2004
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beer really is my favorite thing to consume, bar none. I try to avoid beers that have been packaged, when I can, and I lean more towards darker beers in the winter, and wheat beers in the summer.


Distinguished Member
Mar 9, 2006
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Excellent! Funnily enough I was going to grab one of the Westmalle last night... grabbed a Speckled Hen instead (english artisanal ale). Was ok, had some hints of coriander-like soapiness and a reasonable bouquet but not too memorable.


Distinguished Member
Mar 10, 2006
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I'm a hop-head. I can hardly even taste anything under 50 IBU's. I'll dabble in the Belgians a bit but I always end up with an IPA. I love Three Floyd's Alpha King.

I have several great beer bars in my general vicinity, one of my favorites is the Map Room.


My local liquor store has an outstanding selection of beer as well.



Stylish Dinosaur
Mar 15, 2006
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What about Pabst, Blue Ribbon


Distinguished Member
Mar 11, 2006
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Originally Posted by javyn
What about Pabst, Blue Ribbon

Ugh. Rob Walker's worst moment was his NYT Magazine article about that swill.

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