bay area- good romantic dining rec for 1st anniversary

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    hey guys, my first anniversary is coming up next fri and im looking for a nice place to take my girlfriend.

    money is pretty tight, so anything $100 and under would be great. she probably will be getting a glass of wine; but for me i really dislike drinking anything but water with my meals.

    a few things about her: she is a super picky eater. nothing "ethnic" (no asian, hispanic, etc...), no seafood (maaaaybe fish), and a whole list of other things. as a result, shes not particularly adventurous eater. best bet would probably be something italian. if it were up to her, she'd prob would just choose something like olive garden and be fine with it. id like to take her someplace a little nicer than that.

    im in santa clara right now and wouldnt mind driving 60-90mins. im not really familiar with the dining scene in the bay area, so any help is appreciated. i dont really trust yelp and combing groupon is depressing.

    im really maybe thinking about some place in monterrey/carmel since shes been talking a lot about the 17mile drive that she's been wanting to do, which in case i might be able to do a picnic for lunch so i would need food recs for that too.

    oh yea, and i need a gift.


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