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Bad Idea?


Well-Known Member
Jul 27, 2006
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Would anyone have an opinion as to whether it's a bad idea to split up exercises throughout the day? For example: a couple sets of dumbbell curls, military presses, etc. in the morning, and a couple more after work or at night. I'm sure it's ideal to have a routine in place, but I have yet to find the ideal one for me thus far...mostly because a gym membership is cost-prohibitive for me during the winter because of my tennis club membership), so I'd like to settle on something effective enough that I can do at home - so perhaps this is a two-pronged inquiry...any guidance would be much appreciated.


Distinguished Member
Sep 8, 2006
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I wouldn't do it that way. Your muscles wear down after you work out and your myosin bridges need time to regenerate. Waiting half a day is probably too long to wait. I might be wrong though. I used to do this with running. If you are cross training you can certainly do different parts of your workout at different times of day. But with the weights I would not work out the same muscles at different parts of the day. You can work out different muscles groups all you want though.


Stylish Dinosaur
Spamminator Moderator
Jul 25, 2006
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Generally, splitting up exercises is done when training volume is great enough to provoke injury or overtraining if conducted in one session. You accept a reduction in cardiovascular benefit for doing it this way, though.

For pure muscular development, there is less of a trade-off in split sessions, although you still lose time to two warm-ups and two cool-downs and presumably two showers. You do want to be sure to still get adequate recovery time, as well - you don't want to perform a strength exercise in the morning and then work those same muscles at night - work a different group.

Smooth Genes

Well-Known Member
Aug 9, 2006
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First of all, your not gona see any results doing a couple dumbell presses in the morning or curls or whatever and a few military presses at night.

2nd, invest in a gym, how can it be that cost prohibitive? ballys is 19 a month down with 19 a month after that. u cant put a price on health.

Ill help set you up on a routine as im a personal trainer. I will say that doing something is better then nothing but if your goal is to gain muscle mass there will quickly come a point where you wont be able to make any progress at all. How fast that comes depends on how heavy your weights are and what kind of exercises you can do.

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