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[Article] How to locate a great hairstylist in your city?


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Apr 9, 2013
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Meeting with a Great Hairstylist
In 5 years of blogging, you cannot imagine the amount of mails I have received concerning hairstyling, with questions such as:
  • What would be a good haircut/style for me?
  • Where can I find a good hairstylist?
  • How can I know which kind of haircut will be better for me?
  • My hair is such and such but I’d like to style it differently, could I do that?

Some highlights:

- Your hairstylist will find out the ideal style for you by intensive communication

- He will not style it according to your facial features but for your whole personality

- You are supposed to grow in your hairstyle, that means not so frequent cuts as the convention

- You should interview and ask detailed questions from your prospective hairstylist; ask for advice!

As you see, some of his advice go against the convention.

OK, the question is how you are going to locate a great hairstylist in your city? According to the article, are you going door to door, interviewing everyone? The salon manager might not be the best hairstylist in his establishment, being a great hairstylist and a business owner are two different skill sets.

Do you have a great hairstylist? How did you find him?

I posted this in Classic Menswear because I wear classic and streetwear interchangeably but you cannot change your hairstyle day to day.

I guess those pics from the Saint Laurent campaign are acceptable both ways.
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Oct 16, 2012
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I have a great hairstylist...myself.

Been cutting my hair for 4 years now and haven't looked back. I never have to worry about making appointments, sitting in waiting rooms reading crappy magazines, making small talk with a stylist I have nothing in common with...and I cut my hair frequently enough that it's always the same length--no one ever makes any comments like "Hey looks like you just got a haircut!" Which is a very good thing.

Really, men's haircuts are not that complicated. You can do it yourself if you're willing to learn.


Senior Member
Jan 12, 2011
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Two methods I can think of. 1.) If you see someone with a good haircut, ask them who cuts their hair. 2.) Keep trying stylists until you find someone you're happy with.

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