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Armani complaints

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by FIHTies, Jul 17, 2004.

  1. FIHTies

    FIHTies Senior member Affiliate Vendor

    Apr 28, 2004
    Back and Better Than Before

    We touched on this some time ago.  I have an appointment for my children's boutique with the Armani USA head for Spring 05.  We of the forum talked about comments and complaints regarding the Armani line and the stores in General.  I would like to present them to her, so please feel free to let rip all your complaints and comments regarding all things Armani.  Here is a chance to have your voices heard. Be specific if a complaint about construction or design and more specific regarding particular stores and managers or salespeople.

  2. Mike C.

    Mike C. Senior member

    Mar 5, 2002
    New York City
    Shirts priced the same as Borrelli, fused suits costing $3K. Where would you like us to start?

    Honestly though, I wouldn't even make the effort.
  3. johnnynorman3

    johnnynorman3 Senior member

    Mar 3, 2004
    Agreed with Mike C. Most of the stuff is utter garbage -- especially the stuff that they put in "high end" retail stores like Neiman Marcus -- couldn't you at least treat us like intelligent humans and stop giving us Le Collezione at NM and pricing it as high as Oxxfords?

    But the biggest thing that bugs me is that the people in the Armani boutiques simply seem to have no concept that their goods are overpriced and horribly made (okay, "horribly" is a little harsh, but you know what I mean); they act like Armani is the highest end of the spectrum. Such snootiness is a big turn off; I could deal with that in a Borrelli boutique (they aren't snooty, IMO, by the way), but not at Armani.
  4. Alias

    Alias Senior member

    Oct 7, 2003
    Washington DC
    Since you're probably not going to get specific answers you can give to this representative, you should probably just collect what everyone's saying and show the quotes to the rep, letting each individual speak for himself. That way you won't be caught fighting at the forefront of the crusade.
  5. A Harris

    A Harris Senior member Dubiously Honored

    Jan 6, 2003
    I'm sure they are quite aware of the fact that they are getting double what their merchandise is worth. They have the Armani name to sell, and unless at some point that ceases to be enough, I very much doubt they will sell higher quality merchandise, regardless of what we think.
  6. marc37

    marc37 Senior member

    Jun 14, 2004
    After buying Armani for several years, l have made the decision to never buy Armani again. Here are my reasons why: 1. Average quality suits and shirts. The buttons have fallen off my suits [so l have had to sew them back on myself]. l have had several shirts, most have frayed at the button holes, collar and cuffs and have lost buttons. l even had one shirt fray after one wear; this shirt also tore at the cuff.($400 Aust shirt, l was less than impressed). Lots of problems with Armani clothing. Not good quality. Alot of my shirts and suits have worn steadily over time. Far too overpriced. Fused suits at $4,000 Aust?[​IMG] 2. l have checked the Armani shoes out; they have such average quality rubbish. Far too overpriced for the quality. The leather uppers [in particular] look very average. 3. Horrible snooty staff. l have not come across a nice Armani salesperson yet. They all have terrible chips on their sholders and don't appear very bright. l will be buying Borrelli in future [and may try some be-spoke if l have got time on my side].
  7. ilvangelo

    ilvangelo Member

    Feb 1, 2004
    Hi, I agree with almost everything said about Armani, though I have to say I have found one very nice Armani salesman at my local Emporio Armani (Rio de Janeiro), who had been serving me for years on end. Quality of suits of all lines are far below what their price range sugests and the same can be said for shirts and ties. Shoes are terribly made compared to other 400-500$ shoes like Rossetti and the like. I believe Armani sells well not for their quality but mainly for two other reasons: 1) Obviously the name and the marketing. I think Giorgio should pray on his knees in front of an altar to Richard Gere and American Gigolo. 2) the most important one in my opinion, is that one can pretty much renew their entire wardrobe and find what they need quickly in their stores. You can find at Via Manzoni everything from underwear, jeans to tuxedos and wallets. For business people who don't have the time to look up an old Italian or British tailor, this is for great importance. A couple can go in the store and find everything they need and more. For God's sake, you can even find furniture, books and cds at some stores. And have lunch while in-house tailors make the necessary alterations on your suits and your wife's dresses. Not necessary to leave the store at all. At the same time, let us not pretend Armani costs the same as Kiton for example, since the price range for the neapolitan tailoring house can be considerably higher. The comparison with Borrelli does stand though, and I'd include Isaia, Batistoni and Saint Andrews to that list. Funny story about Armani salespeople: About 3 years ago, I was in New York and decide to go in the Giorgio Armani boutique on Madison Av. after leaving Bergdorf (where I found Charvet ties on sale for something like 40$ ) and was browsing the shoe section of the store where I was approached by this good looking blond saleswoman in her mid-late 20s. She started a conversation with me and I suddenly noticed she was clearly hitting on me and forgot to sell what she was supposed to completely. She simply started agreeing with me on everything as well and told me not to buy some of the products there and asked me where I was staying, what I was doing for dinner and all. I recognize I am fairly good looking (Italian family, born and raised and in Rio and very tanned at the time) but I did find the whole situation unexpected and funny. I ended up not going out with her since I had a girlfriend at the time and the Armani girl was a little too....skanky. Can I say that ? hahaha The funniest part was seeing her being extremely rude to the girl who came in next and asked her for asistance after I had bid her goodbye and started browsing around again. Hence, if you wanna get a good looking date, go to the Armani boutique looking good and carrying some Bergdorf bags. [​IMG] Yours, Ilvangelo
  8. LA Guy

    LA Guy Opposite Santa Staff Member Admin Moderator

    Mar 8, 2002
    Moscow, Idaho
    While I agree that Armani (I'm speaking of mainline stuff here) is overpriced for the workmanship compared to some other brands, and further that the sportswear is often singularly uninspired, I actually like the distinctive natural shoulder, relaxed silhouette of an Armani suit. And the bridge lines are reasonably priced compared to similar lines. I've had no trouble with service at any of their stores in the U.S. (Boston, Beverly Hills, SF, NYC) and the staff at Emporio stores is usually quite friendly.
  9. MilanoStyle

    MilanoStyle Senior member

    Apr 22, 2004
    I love Armani suits and knits. When I wear Armani/Hugo Boss gears, I get noticed by ladies.

    1. Again, we are going into Fused VS Canvased. I don't know; Armani suits looks pretty damn good. My button has not came off yet.

    2. I do not buy Armani dress shirts. They are ugly IMO.

    3. Armani makes best knits. I do not think there are designers make knits better than Armani. Very elegant, hugs your body so well to reveal all the muscles.. D&G and Prada cannot compete ..

    I am sure distribution chain is different bet. US and CANADA, in Can, I think Armani items that Harry and Holts carry are very carefully selected by the stores because I do not see 'shitty' Armani gears ..

    When I go out .. I wear Armani.. I am proud to say when ppl ask me what i am wearing.

    Only complain with Armani Collezioni is .. knits are now made in HK rather than Italy. I expected to be lower the costs but still same price..
  10. LabelKing

    LabelKing Senior member

    May 24, 2002
    I have to say that I find Armani one of the most boring brands ever. Their current S/S striped items are the only items I have found a bit to my taste.

    Their clothing is not flattering for slim people, and their sillhouette is too soft.
  11. Thracozaag

    Thracozaag Senior member

    Aug 24, 2002
    Cygnus X-1
    [​IMG] koji
  12. Zubberah

    Zubberah Senior member

    Oct 13, 2003
    Spot on.

    Couldnt have said it any better.
  13. imageWIS

    imageWIS Senior member

    Apr 19, 2004
    New York City / Buenos Aires
    The only Armani item I own are a pair of linen pants (casual straight-front) that I bought at NM on sale. So far, they have held up without any problems. I was more concerned with the fact that the tailor at NM (in Ft. Lauderdale) was unable to properly hem the bottom of the pants after 3 tries; I ended up taking it to my tailor who properly hemmed the pants the first time.


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