Armani Collezioni Authenticity Query

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by v0rtex, Dec 16, 2004.

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    Morning gentlemen, I purchased an Armani Collezioni suit off eBay which arrived this morning. However, I have some doubts about its authenticity which I'm hoping someone here could help me with. I tried on a few in the local Collezioni shop and noted a few details which differ from the suit I have here. * The trousers, although they have the rubber stitching around a dark grey waistband, aren't marked with the words "Armani Collezioni" as the ones in the shop were (Although they were seperates, do the trousers as part of a suit not include this marking?) * The label inside the jacket pocket says that the suit was made by "Gruppo GFT SpA", whilst the current ones were made by a company beginning with "M" (the exact name slips my mind). My research does indicate that Gruppo have manufactured under license for Armani in the past. * The jacket, a 48L, is a much looser fit around the chest than the 48R I tried on. Can anyone confirm these details against a suit they might own or have access to? This is my first suit so I'm not sure exactly what it is I'm looking for. My thoughts are that it's either a couple of years old (before the Armani/Zegna deal, which I assume meant a change in manufacturer), or it's a standard Gruppo GFT suit which someone has sewn an Armani label in. Is there a way to find out which designer/client created the suit using the numbers on the label? I'm probably just being paranoid. [​IMG] Thank you, Gareth.

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