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are there wools that you can wash without dry cleaning?


Active Member
Mar 21, 2009
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just wondering, because that would be nice.


Distinguished Member
Jun 4, 2008
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Short answer is yes. Best advice I can give is check the care tag. I have plenty of wool clothing and some can be washed while others are dry clean only.


Senior Member
Oct 14, 2008
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I hand-wash many of my wool garments: -Scarves -Slacks / trousers -sweaters 2 methods that I use here are: Method 1: -Put cold water in a clean bathtub with some liqiud laundry soap. (NOT TOO MUCH SOAP) Just enough water in tub to cover garment. Not a whole tub of water. -Mix the water & soap thoroughly with hands, but try not to make too many bubbles. -gently lay garment in water. -Let soak for 30 minutes. -Gently agitate the garment in the water. 'back & forth motions' -Let soak another 2 min -Gently agitate garment again. -Drain water from tub, pressing the water out of garment. -Re-fill tub with water -Gently agitate garment (this time is to get the soap out. -Drain tub, pressing water out of garment. -Repeat another 2 times plain water soak & drain -remove garment from tub, gently squeazing out water. -hang on hanger with an empty plastic washtub underneath to catch dripping water. -If it is a sweater, drape arms over shoulders to prevent streatching. -you can also lay out bath towels on the dining table, and lay the garment on the towels for 15 minutes before hanging. The towels will absord most ofthe water, leaving the garment much lighter when hanging. The real trick is to use only cold water, and do not wring or twist the wool. Do not agitate the wool too much, as that will cause potential shrinkage. Method 2: If your washing machine has a 'Woolens' setting, AND is a Front Loader, that works for me fine. Just hang dry after the wash. Top Loading washing machines are NOT reccommended. Lastly.... Wool garments I would NOT wash by hand: 1) Dress Jackets Inside a dress jacket is a silk or satin lining. This type of garment has 2 fabrics. The Wool Outer Shell, and the Silk Lining. Because these fabrics have completely different properties, there may be slight shrinkage on one, but not the other. Even if there is no shrinkage, the silk lining will be almost impossible to iron out the wrinkles that will come from washing. If you can live with that, then ...well....at your own risk, but I don't reccommend it. I hope this help s someone out there. Disclaimer: Should you try anything I share above ^ I am not responsible for any damages. You do this at your own risk. If you really want to experiment, try on something you no longer care about first. These methods do work fine for me, or I would not have typed all this.

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