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Are Neckties Going To Go The Way Of Bowties?


Mahatma Jawndi
Dubiously Honored
Apr 10, 2011
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Yikes! That looks awful too! Like he grabbed the wrong shirt by accident!
But it's not the wrong shirt. The guy works in the fashion industry. Why would that be considered the wrong shirt if you work as a clothier?


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Jul 13, 2012
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But it's not the wrong shirt. The guy works in the fashion industry. Why would that be considered the wrong shirt if you work as a clothier?
I guess if you're making a statement but denim and pinstripes just seem awkward to me. Why wear a rough denim shirt with a nice Fox Bros. pinstripe? Yuck.


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Sep 5, 2011
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One thing I've noticed here, in addition to the lack of innovation in suits themselves, which Derek and I were discussing earlier, is the fact that most of the looks without ties are falling back on conventional collars, which were designed for ties. Of course there are others. Some of the best ones here use button-down collars with a lot of roll, which gives more visual interest, and @UrbanComposition has mentioned the design of the collars of his shirts being dual purpose, but he vast majority of collars here are just a variety if standard dress shirt collars. Now we know that turtle neck sweater are a good no-tie look with suits, as are some combinations of T-shirt and suit, so why aren't people following the same principles with shirts and thinking no collars, band collars, stand collars, nehru collars, mandarin collars, double collars, large (70s type) collars - all the variations which are specifically designed for use without ties? Are these too avant-garde, too foreign, too what? I have quite a few shirts with different collars (specifically band and stand collars and double collars) and I wear them with suits and they work.


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May 6, 2010
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The guy on the right is Robert Mowry, a long-time art curator at Harvard. I assume he's not worth 20 million, as people generally don't make that much money in academia. But who knows.

Jeffery (the guy on the left) is an art writer. He used to post on this board, but not anymore. He has a very outlandish, 1970s Texan, illicit smuggler look. I love it. It fits him, his occupation, and his lifestyle.

Mowry is also generally well-dressed. But he wouldn't look right in the kind of fashion-forward stuff worn by George or Jeffery. It's just not his vibe, for lack of a better term.

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I've been interested in getting a watch that I can wear with my casualwear, which is mostly workwear nowadays. I talked to George about it once and told him I'm interested in buying a Sub. He said that he thinks I should get a Rolex Explorer 1016 instead, as he thinks it suits my personality better. I'm not that hung up on the idea of dressing for one's "true self" and am fine wearing things that are just fun. But I recognize that sometimes things just don't fit a person's vibe.
You are so positive and constructive. Thank you.

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