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Are my shirts odd or am i?

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by JohnG, Oct 15, 2004.

  1. JohnG

    JohnG Well-Known Member

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    Sep 26, 2004
    Evening gents.

      While running my mouth and not paying attention I managed to get coffee ( naturally the nice dark strong Arabaic kind) on  one of my French Cuffed shirts last night. It was on the cuff and placket of the left sleeve

    To make a long story short I didn't get it soaked out very well and momma was helping me while "splainin' a few thins" to me about the error of my ways.

    While in the midst of holding the sleeve for her and saying "yes ma'am"- "I love you very much dear" - "hey 24 years of marriage should give me ONE free slide" .....

    I noticed the placket ( from the inside of sleeve) looked odd. I got 3 other french (Freedom) cuff shirts out of my closet  <2 Paul Fredrick  100's cotton and one Behar. The shirt I slopped on was a Paul Fredrick 140's cotton) and noticed ALL three looked "odd".

     Since all 4 total shirts looked the same  I thought maybe I was the odd one in the mix. but it just didn't look right. ( I always turn shirts inside out for her to wash.)

    I then took a ( well at the time it seemed like a good idea) regular barrelled cuff shirt she had JUST ironed not 5 minutes ago off  the  hanger, in front of her naturally, and turned it inside out.

    <DISCLAIMER- take my word for it, I was NOT being a mental giant. Wwives do NOT appretiate this in the slightest >

    Comparing the two types of cuffs, the French/Fredom cuffs are "backwards(?) or turned under differntly than the button cuffs. I even went up to my closet and compared others. All button cuff plackets whether mitered or not look different than the French cuffed shirts.

      I assume all ( ?) french cuff shirts have the odd placket on them?  Or do the higher end shirts make plackets the normal way and mid range makers just do this for some reason of economy in order to use the "super 100's and up cotton

       I have no idea and did not really know how or what to search for in archived part of forum.

    Does anyone know the reason or even a good guess?

    Why would the same maker ( Paul Fredrick and Ike Behar) make what appears to be different plackets for a different type of cuff? As I said, BOTH types of button cuff look the same.

    Please, someone tell me you too have noticed this as well and I am not ready to pad the walls of our house.

     I truly do not even know why I noticed but now I HAVE to know if there IS a reason.


  2. TomW

    TomW Senior member

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    Jul 2, 2004
    the wastes of the Northern Nevada desert
    Relax, this is perfectly normal - neither you, nor your shirts are odd.

    The plackets are different because the cuffs close differently - barrel cuffs overlap (and so too does the placket), french cuffs do not (nor does the placket). This is true regardless of maker or price.

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