Appreciate some help putting together casual outfit for post-interview dinner

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by ionides, Feb 10, 2013.

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    I have less than two weeks to put together an outfit and would appreciate some help.

    I'll be joining about five partners in a medical group (physician) for drinks and dinner. We will be meeting up again after a full day of interviewing. I expect everyone to be conservatively attired in this smallish, Western town.

    I've dropped weight following a recent surgery so nothing I have fits well. I just purchased a few staple shirts, but will need to pick up a pair of pants and sport coat.

    Shoe-wise, I've got a pair of chocolate Alden suede tassel loafers

    or a pair of Alden Norwegian split toe bluchers in shell cordovan.

    I don't have time to gamble on ordering off the internet so will need to keep my purchases local and off the rack. I stopped by a local BB this evening and tried on a few sport coats and pant combinations. My GF and the SA liked this jacket on me the best:
    paired with these light grey gabardine pants:
    or the same ones in navy:

    They're bringing my size jacket in from another store (be here Tues) and they can offer a quick turnaround on alterations. Both pants are in stock and pre-hemmed; they fit well and no alteration will be required.

    I'd appreciate feedback on this ensemble--I'm kind of lukewarm about it. I imagine I'll be steered toward the light grey pants over the navy? Any other combos that you all can suggest from the Brooks Bros site?

    If it helps, I'm 6'1", 190 with brown hair/brown eyes and tending toward an olive complexion. I figured that I would wear a solid white, or light blue spread collar shirt, no tie. Not sure about a pocket square.

    I liked some of the blues and greys as far as jackets, but my GF and the SA felt that earthier tones worked best on me.

    I really do appreciate any tips.

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