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Anyone with knowledge of Kirby Allison's Hanger Project sizes?

The Silverfox

Senior Member
Jul 17, 2010
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I was planning on just getting a tie rack, but as stuff on amazon is outrageously expensive, I figure I might just get it from Kirby Allison and get some suit/coat hangers since I'm paying the $50 in shipping anyways and it doesn't seem to increase even if I add more stuff.

So.... I wear 44 long (from Ede&Ravenscroft if that makes a difference,and I was planning on getting a few suit hangers and a hanger of my overcoat.

Kirby recommends 17 inch hangers for jackets up to size 44, but when I measure my jackets I get closer to 19.3 inches, and for my overcoat more like 20.1 inches.

Obviously the 44 long overcoat isn't made to be 44 long, but rather to fit a guy who's 44 long, therefore it's made to fit over a 44 long suit, so it makes sense for that measurement to be off, but when kirby recommends 17 inches for a 44 and I get 19.3 inches I'm worried that I'm screwing up the measurement or that there's something weird with either his recommendation or the sizing of my suits.

So I'm wondering, for those who have had his hangers before, how did you find the sizing? Did you buy based on his recommendation for suit sizes? If so how did it end up fitting, was the recommendation accurate?

Does anyone have any tips for me to figure this out? I'd hate to spend money and find out I got the wrong size when the stuff arrives.


The Silverfox

Senior Member
Jul 17, 2010
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I was not aware of that, but when you mention it I definitely should have figured there would be as I know he's an affiliate. I'll head over there, thanks.


Distinguished Member
May 4, 2011
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No problem. And FWIW, I have my size 44 jackets with 19" shoulders on Kirby's 17" hangers, as per his sizing guide. Keep in mind that these hangers curve significantly to mimic the natural shape of one's shoulders; the 17" measurement is the straight line distance between the tips of the hanger, and the curved distance is closer to 19". The ends of my jacket hangers extend just a smidgen beyond the shoulder seam of my jackets and seem to fit perfectly. But YMMV. I'm curious to see what Kirby says in response to your question. Good luck. :)

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