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Anybody own a Lincoln LS?


Distinguished Member
Jan 13, 2008
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Looking at an 05 with around 80k miles (they have another one at the lot with 53k)

Has the 3.9 in it, pretty sure it's full loaded.

If you look at Edmunds most of the reliability is 8-10, but if you look on forums a lot of guys say they are pieces of junk and not to buy them. I'm pretty much a Ford fan and think they make pretty good stuff.

Anyone here with actual experience with them want to chime in? Reliability?


Senior Member
Nov 24, 2010
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my roommate has one and has had it for at least 5 years now. Pretty reliable cars from his experience (although ironically his alternator just started going on the fritz this week).

I took one out for a track day when they first came out in ?99? (lincoln sponsored event). They definitely handle well and are more nimble than they look, but the weight distribution (51/49% IIRC) is fantastic with very neutrally balanced steering.


Distinguished Member
Nov 10, 2006
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I had one for about 6 months. That thing was a pile of junk. I've owned about 13 cars and this was by far the worse. It seemed like as soon as I started the car and drove away after I bought it, I opened up Pandora's Box. Not sure if it was just this car that was a lemon, but while reading up on my issues with the car, I saw a lot of others were dealing with the same things. Mine was an '01, so not sure if they worked out all the issues for the later models like the one you're looking into.

I know the newer Ford stuff is made very well, though. My father has a '04 Grand Marquis that he bought brand new. This past October he replaced the first thing he's had to thus far, the alternator. This really surprised me too, as he's not one who really keeps up on routine and preventative maintenance other than oil changes. Other than that, it's given him no issues at all. He said it's been the best car he's ever owned.

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