Anybody know about or have experience weaving a torn suit?

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by mobobs, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. mobobs

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    Mar 14, 2011
    I've got a beautiful brand new suit that got torn :( Normally I'd send it in to get woven, but this one is sharkskin and I was wondering if it is even possible to weave such a complex fabric. I gave it to a local weaver and he said he can't do it. Before spending more money to ship it out and get re-evaluated I figured it'd be worth a shot asking here if anybody know about these things.
    Thanks in advance!

  2. LeviMay

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    Apr 28, 2011
    I once caught the sleeve of a jacket on something and tore it in an "L" shape. The tear wasn't on a seam. I took it to a re-weaver, and the results were fair. One could see the work if looking for it, and I eventually became too self-conscious to wear it, but realistically, no one would see it unless they were very close and inspecting the sleeve.

    If it's in a spot that won't be under constant scrutiny, I'd say go for it.

  3. Holdfast

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    Mar 10, 2006
    I've had a jacket with a pretty complicated pattern rewoven (herringbone, plus a two colour windowpane) for a small tear. It's not truly invisible, but you'd have to look pretty closely to notice it.

    If you have a genuinely good reweaver, and you're OK with the price, might as well give it a go. You can only gain, after all - either the suit becomes wearable again, or you have peace of mind that you tried your best to have it become so.
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  4. Fred G. Unn

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    Mar 5, 2011
    I did once about 15 years ago when I caught the pocket of an Armani tuxedo on a doorknob and it tore straight down about an inch. I can't remember the woman's name (and she was quite old then) but I just asked at Barney's (NYC) and they recommended her. I took the jacket and pants in and she took a little piece of fabric from the hem of the pants and used it to weave. I think it was about 60 bucks and took a couple of weeks but she did a really amazing job! I can only find it if I'm really looking for it, no one else would have any idea it had torn.

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