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Analogies to explain the understatement thing


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Dec 12, 2010
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From a recent convo I had: (Written below in english but was delivered in my very limited mandarin. Near verbatim translation over. Peculiar situation with the addressed might make the following hard to understand.)

"In my culture, these two are a completely different level. The aim is to show off without the intention being noticable. Take this bar fight situation, and imagine these two gentlemen dealing with it. The first screams vulgarities, thumps the youngster, then laughs obnoxiously about it with his company whilst chugging down JW black label. The second is polite throughout the situation, reasoning with the youngster courteously, and when faced with an incoming punch he gracefully moves out of the way tricking the youngster into punching a hard and possibly dangerous surface; then moves on to apologise and pretend to attempt to help the youngster up, and sips on a glass of cadenhead's old raj and cardano antico when he is brushed away. I'd posit that most ladies, even here in China, would be attracted to the second rather than the first. While it might take a drastic comparison like this for you to realise the vulgarity of the former, whom I think would be an alpha male here, that vulgarity is evident to me in their everyday actions. Don't get me wrong there needs to be vulgarity in a man for him to be a work of art, but it needs to be very well timed."

Any other ways to explain this sort of concept? Can be addressed to anyone such as a child, random neauvou riche, girlfriend etc.

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