an afternoon at cappellini, rue des rosiers.

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    After seeing iammat home which would rival a cappellini showroom, and being not far away from the rue des rosiers, I dragged my wife and kid there.

    The original idea was to try the bird chaise, which I have been lusting over for months, after one of my friend bought the embryo which I didn't find comfortable. Big disapointment, as they don't feature it anymore [​IMG]

    Anyway, after a long walk, I needed to rest so I just tried every sofa and armchairs in the showroom [​IMG] The Norguet rive droite chair was probably one of the most uncomfortable piece of furniture I sat in at cappellini. Being a dwarf, this chair just doesn't suit my body type.
    The knotted chair was surprisingly comfortable and so was the giant macaroni made of fiberglass by marc newson, sorry forgot about the original name of this chaise, much better than the embryo.
    The sofa are all top notch, this is probably what I will buy there. The Soft 2 is really wonderful.
    The overall feeling is very cerebral and very serious (serious design, serious prices...), Cassina was much more playful despite what one would imagine.
    Next week I'll do the vitra showroom...


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