alternative gifts ideas: friends, and their kids

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    A couple of my friends have kids and others do not. They have the means to give them all the trinkets one could desire. I'll preface this with - I hate consumerism, am a cheapsake, and want to offer my friends something unique.

    I got an SLR and went to a few national parks for a couple weeks.

    a) Is it in bad taste to print large photos and give as a gift (unframed).
    b) Can I give a gift in the name of friends' children to the national park or a non-profit along with the tax writeoff to their parents?

    Happy Holidays!

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    Photos: Maybe yes, maybe no.

    My dad frequently prints photos as gifts, although often he will make a series of cards and give them along with high quality matching envelopes (people use them as thank you cards and for writing letters). The thing is...he is also a professional photographer. The photos are not the kind of work he does for pay, but they are still very nice photos and printed on nice paper. If you are doing a large print...I feel like you have to frame it, otherwise you are giving them something that will get bent/damaged or something that will require them to spend time/money having it framed. Also, random photos of national parks from your vacation are probably not great. Does the location have any meaning to the recipient? is it special in some way?
    If you are a good photographer, what about framed portraits/photos of their kids? Parents love photos of their kids.

    Donation: these always come off as kind of lame...

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