Allen Edmonds (Seconds) - Cracked welt, is this resolable still?

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by jexbrah, Oct 13, 2016.

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    Question as my AE fifth avenues are starting to get some wear and I'm thinking of resoling it some time in the future, I started to think about this particular area where it looks like the stitching was loose and the welt area has cracked. Is this still resoleable with the cracked welt? I never thought too much of this defect until now so wanted some opinions.

    By the way, I've worn these for about 7/8 months 2-3x a week and noticed there has been some separation of the heel. Is this just normal wear?

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    It is unusual wear but could be attributed to vario0uis things including your feet/gait!

    It is capable of repair if you have afull 'though' repair which would see that replaced. You would need to find a GOOD cobbler else send it back to the original manufacturer if such a service is available.

    This said, the manufacturer may simply have a local cobbler in tow. It will not be cheap.

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    I have had AE heels coming of and they have taken care of that without any issue. I'd suggest reaching out to AE to get their view and if you consider a resole sending them back for a recraft instead of taking them to the local cobbler.

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    Just passing by...

    Neither of these issues are particularly world-shaking or significant. The welt is not cracked. It is a strip of leather. If it runs entirely around the shoe, one end has to join with the other end somewhere. This is where. It is not particularly finessed or well done but it is a join...not a crack.

    An alternative scenario is that what looks like welt around the heel is really just a heel seat but again what you are seeing is just where the end of the welt meets the heel seat.

    Nothing to prevent the shoe from being resoled or, for that matter, from having that join refined and made all but invisible in the process.

    As for the heel, nothing unusual there, either. There is a fairly good chance that the heels stack is paperboard in part or entirely. Even if it is leather or leatherboard, shoes such as these are put together pretty quickly...a minimum of glue or cement and nails way in towards the center of the stack--nothing to hold the edges of the block, IOW.

    All of this should be expected at this price point and none of it worth obsessing about.

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