Allen Edmonds Dalton - did I buy the wrong size?

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by timic101, Oct 15, 2016.

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    Oct 15, 2016
    Hi Everyone,

    I recently purchased a pair of Allen Edmonds Daltons in size 11.5 E - Walnut w/ Dainite soles. The 11.5 D's were too narrow in my toe box and were genuinely not comfortable in the store. However, with the E width there is too much volume in the boot. I have boney feet and skinny ankles. They fit better with heavier wool hiking socks. They fit really well with some inserts, though I'm wondering if boots of this quality are designed for inserts. I've never had to buy wides before. Though I did get a pair of McCalister's in wide too.

    Does anyone have experience with this boot? Should I get the standard width and hope they will stretch out or should I stick with the E width and just use an insert? The AE sales person said to stick with the E width....though I think he may have been frustrated with my indecisiveness.

    Also - how to I get these boots to stop squeeking when I walk? I feel like I'm wearing ski boots.


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    Generally, buying uncomfortable footwear, in the hope that maybe it'll stretch out or break in, is a bad idea. A much better idea is to buy footwear which is comfortable and fits well, right from the start.

    If an insert results in them fitting really well (as you claim is the case), then that could be one way to go. There's not necessarily anything wrong about wearing inserts.

    Or you could return the Daltons and buy some other brand/model which fits you better. It may be that the AE Daltons just aren't a good match for you.

    Depends on from where, exactly, the squeak's coming. The answer can be as simple as "it'll break in and stop squeaking." Or maybe the use of some powder between two squeaking parts will quiet them down. Or in some cases, the use of a bit of tape (even velcro tape) between the offending parts (in such a way that it's not visible, of course) can do the trick. Or something else.

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    Aug 16, 2014
    I've owned 2 pairs of Daltons in size 9 (1st was a factory second which had shank issues so I purchased retail version during sale in half size larger).

    Flipped both times as AE dress shoes are not meant for my feet. I've owned casual AE shoes in same size with no issues.

    I ended up replacing my Daltons' with Loakes 1887 (size 8 UK) which fit me perfectly. Still own the Loakes and will be buying the same in black later this year.

    And IMO, the cuts of leather on Loakes is slightly better than AE (and same price range).

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