Allen Edmonds Dalton Boots - minor issues or send back?

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by cutips8765, Oct 14, 2016.

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    Oct 14, 2016
    Hi guys,

    I am seeking your opinion. I just received my pair of AE Dalton Cordovan Boots that I ordered from the manufacturer's website at the Columbus Day sales price. There seems to be a coloring issue with some parts of the shoes and other minor issues. I am wondering whether I should return/exchange the shoes or if I am just picky and the issues are too minor (and maybe coloring is fixable with cordovan cream?). The images are below. Thanks!

    A piece of leather is sticking out on the sole of the left shoe



    Some stitching is missing on the right part of the left shoe, right above my finger.

    Color/dye partly missing around the stitching below

    Color/dye partly missing around the curve of the left shoe

    (different angle)

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