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Oct 2, 2017
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Really, the only thing here that needs to change is your fixation on having less than a certain number of pairs. Come on, live a little.
Says the guy who would get to keep all your shoes. Oh boy what would you keep? The Stand?
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Feb 9, 2020
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I know many people frequent both here and the Alden forum but I still thought I would cross-post this.

I think to help cure my decision paralysis and improve my mental health (as related to owning and maintaining shoes), I may try to follow the 7 shoe wardrobe rule (in an abbreviated fashion). This might be heresy on this forum but it would be great if you would all play along and share your list if your were limited to just 7 (not including work/snow boots and sneakers). Here is my list:
  • Black oxford
  • Brown oxford
  • Brown brogue
  • Black tassel loafer
  • Color 8 loafer/LHS
  • Brown suede PTB
  • Snuff Suede Chukka
If I had to pick 7 shoes, I'd pick:

Dalton oxblood cordovan boots
Bradley oxblood cordovan split toes
Black park avenues
Carbon stands
My new green cordovan strands
My mto cnes spectators
Black cordovan plain toed bluchers from Hanover.


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Jan 14, 2020
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I don't think or worry about shoelaces.....
Today, I received a pair of shoes from "your favorite company" and the shoelaces are about 6 inches too damn short (unwearable). I should be thankful that they didn't send me another shit show like the Higgin Mills that are sitting in my closet. I would bet $100.00 that every pair of shoes at Wal-mart has the correct length shoelaces.

p.s. I love you.


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Apr 18, 2013
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Wearing khaki grain McTavishes today.


For fans of "A-E In The Wild" pictures, some people like to get their watches into the pictures they post. I like to get my car into the pictures I post.

The Cube, a construction project, and me on a windy day.


For fans of food pictures in shoe threads, a tarte tatin (an apple a day keeps the doctor away) and me at Artelice Patisserie.


For fans of seasonal food (or drink) pictures in shoe threads.



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Aug 19, 2019
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More pics of the Fulton briefcase! Lol!
As you wish!

Took the briefcase with me to snag some Greek food for lunch at a local restaurant.


Yes, the food was delicious.

Oh, and to keep this shoe focused, wore my burgundy suede MacNeils from TS 20.1. Haven't really worn this pair since I feel like it doesn't pair well with what I typically wear to the office, but I really enjoyed taking them out today.



"Everyone wear a mask" "but it's 2024 and we've had a vaccine for three full years."
This is exactly what the term "ratchet effect" was created to describe. And to make matters worse, I already have spoken to people who feel we should lock down every flu season because "as long as it saves one life" then it's worth it.

The Brooks Brothers store nearest to me reduced their store size by about a third due to decreasing foot traffic and that was before covid. As it happens, I received a big box from them today with online purchases I made during their latest sale. The pricing amounted to half off, less 35% and another 15% off that with a coupon code I seem able to reuse about every year or so. (try BC1818). Tomorrow I'll be going through the box of seven shirts, two pair of pants, two cashmere sweaters and my first pair of cashmere socks. All delivered for just under $650... and by BB standards a very good value, imho. The pants I can tell already are going back though (too thin for wool, imho) and the rest look to have their usual better quality fabric and detail so are keepers as long as the fit is good. I tend to have problems with arm length in "xl" sized sport shirts (a bit too long) such as BB offers and I am trying the regent fit which I hope works out in the body. If not then I am already eyeing Spier and Mackay who I notice offers them, as with dress shirts, in specific neck size/arm lengths. And yes, even with just "clicking" this process is still work, for sure.

A few doors down from BB is a nice looking Allen Edmonds store from which I only ever purchased one pair of shoes, with the other 16 all acquired online and with no issues. Also from them online, I recently received two sport coats, two pants and a few shirts which I'll be deciding on tomorrow, too. The jackets I know already look very good.
Once a holdout, even BB now offers free postage-paid returns. I've got both Neiman Marcus and Peter Millar purchases to be returned, too, and also which will be free and postage paid.

So while always a gamble on sizing and actual quality, online purchasing has made me lazy (and covid, leary) about frequenting the stores as I'm not going to visit them all every time their offerings change when I can do so from home with just a few clicks. At the same time, if internet purchasing went away tomorrow, I'd be happy with visiting the stores as mall shopping used to be an "event" and I've always enjoyed viewing the displays and actually getting to feel and try on the product before purchase. Except for in BB and AE, I'm not one to talk to sales people so I'm really not missing out there, especially with AE and all the up-to-the-minute "intel" I receive from all of you. And, as I think about it, AE is the brand I feel closest to, (besides that they're shoes, so... ) and which is also due to my interactions made here. Perhaps I should seek out forums for the other sources but I'm not that motivated to do so.
Anyway, if nothing else, all the above is one man's (long-winded but still condensed) experience and outlook on shopping these brands. Thanks.
Appreciate the insight! I've tended to order scarves and sweaters from BB rather than clothes (OTR doesn't generally work for me), and it's nice to be able to order multiple options and then send the losers back. What I don't like about this method vs trying on in the store is that you have to tie up a lot of money in the process. Ordered a peacoat from BB last winter, but wasn't sure if I needed 42R, 42L, 44R, or 44L. I decided to order 42L and 44R to cover all the attributes. I needed a 44L after all was said and done. Ultimately I locked up a pretty penny in pending refunds and it took them until Spring before remitting payment. BB basically received an interest free loan from me. The same goes for ordering AEs, but with working through SAs you can mitigate that risk.

Unfortunately many of the mom and pop shops that were on the edge have closed due to the pandemic yet Amazon/Target/Walmart/etc. have enjoyed record profits the past few months. What is interesting to me, is the actual lockdown was very short in most places and non-existent in others yet consumers continue to shop at Amazon and the big box stores rather than at the local mom and pop retailer. To my earlier point, we have either been trained to chase the lowest price or most people are barely getting by and cannot afford to spend more money than is absolutely necessary but ultimately it leads to the same result; the local mom and pop shop may be gone forever.

It a viscous cycle in that we all want cheaper cost goods but companies want to maintain profits so outsourcing to other countries with cheaper labor costs occurs and then "average" people loose their jobs and can't afford to buy what they need even at the cheaper big box store. They only people winning are the ultra wealthy like Bezos who has doubled his net worth during the pandemic. The country is turning into a two class society which is really bad; you are either poor or very wealthy and the dream of the upwardly mobile middle class is a thing of the past unless we do something about it very very soon (and no, this is not a political statement in any way as both the democrat and republican middle class are getting screwed and often are becoming poorer).

As to specialization and hobbyists, that is mostly going to cater to the wealthy as how many people can really afford a $6000 bike, a $10,000 suit, several pair of high quality shoes, and all the (unnecessary) luxury goods we all aspire to own in our consumer spend driven economy since we no longer make anything. Heck, we can't even manufacture PPE (FFS) in this country.

I also think social media is not helping as it has taken "keeping up with the johnses" to a whole new level. We are all chasing these manufactured lives on social media that are not real yet we want them to be our own and we are willing to put ourselves in massive debt to do it.
Well, my post was focusing on what viable business models will look like rather than a moral judgement on the state of things, but I agree that specialization will typically cater to the wealthy. That being said, low income families still do purchase luxury or enthusiast items, just not as frequently. In college when I was living in a shoebox with roommates, eating ramen once a day, I knew many families in the neighborhood who were on food stamps, but owned tricked out Camaros and other modified cars. Those are expensive, but their husband or sons had a passion for them and they made it work.

I'd also argue that "cater to the wealthy" also doubles as an excellent business opportunity for someone looking to be their own boss. I think many people believe that learning new skills is much more difficult than it really is. Many successful artisans, be they artists, carpenters, photographers, tailors and the like, started out by practicing their hobby whenever they had even a few minutes of free time. Over time they meet people who are interested in their work, they get paid for something every now and then, then one day they discover they're booked every weekend and their "hobby" is making them more money per hour of investment than their day job.

In general people need more inspiration and encouragement rather than being sold a story that they're screwed no matter what because <insert popular bugbear> is keeping them down. I can think of few tactics more likely to sabotage someone's potential than demoralizing them.


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Jan 10, 2018
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Says the guy who would get to keep all you shoes. Oh boy what would you keep? The Stand?
Bleecker Street, Chili
Bleecker Street, Black
Nassau, Black Shark
Mora, Black Suede
Bridgeton, Burgundy Kiltie
Porter Sneaker, White
Porter Sneaker, Black

see? I own more than strands...


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Jan 23, 2019
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May 6, 2017
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Anyone know if you bring a pair into a store for recrafting - does the store and/or the SA get "credit" for a sale?
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