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Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by mack, Jan 5, 2004.

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    Sep 20, 2003
    I have been trying to mail order a pair of the Alden norwegian bluchers and am having trouble finding the correct size.

    I tried a pair of the standard norwegian #2210 in a 10.5 D which are on the Aberdeen last.  These were just a little tight  and I decided I liked the AF39 model a lot more.

    I then ordered a pair of the Alden Fan shoes AF39 in size 11D with the Plaza last.  The width was fine, but the length was too long.

    Does the Plaza last run longer than the Aberdeen?
    Both the models are shell cordovan.  Does this stretch at all in the width?  I have always been a firm believer that if the shoes don't feel comfortable out of the box, things won't improve later on, but I could be wrong.

    Finally, any recommendations about a 10.5D or a 10.5E on the

    Thanks in advance.  I did try Adam at the store and didn't get a definite answer.

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    Having Aldens shoes in both "Aberdeen" and "Plaza" last, I cannot find a discernable difference in length between the two lasts. (Don't forget ½ size up, increases the length by about 4 mm). The "Aberdeen" last is somewhat narrower as the point where the toes take off is somewhat lower down: it might hit your little toe with tightness where the Plaza does not.)

    From what you say, 10-½ E might be the right size for you, as it will give the width of an 11 D but with the 10-½ length.

    A new pair of shoes should not feel uncomfortable, but they should not feel like a well-worn pair of slippers either. (If you get in without the use of a shoehorn, they are probably somewhat loose.) They have to adjust to your own feet and if you buy them too loose they have no chance do that. Shoes will stretch somewhat at the point where the shoes bend, but if the toe part with its hard toecap holds your tootsies in an iron grip, then they are too tight, they will not stretch at this part. Do not forget that shell cordovan, although it feels initially quite hard, will soften up significantly.

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