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AE Leeds Sizing


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Sep 16, 2010
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Do these tend to run wide at all? I want to buy a pair but they are in a more narrow size than I normally wear...


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Nov 24, 2007
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They run wider than other AE's. I'm normally a 9E or 9.5D/10D for AE's for Park Ave's.

I bought a 9.5D pair of Leeds and it's loose on the sides, and also has a wider toebox, so slightly loose on the front.

From Ed Sullivan who had posted here: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=105728

Achieving the Perfect Fit

With sizes from 6 to 16 and widths from AAA to EEE, Allen Edmonds offers one of the most extensive selections of footwear in the world. While you probably know your usual shoe size, an understanding of lasts can help you achieve an even better fit.

Part of what makes Allen Edmonds footwear so unique is related to the wide variety of lasts we use. Lasts are foot-shaped forms that provide shoemakers with the basis for building a shoe. By selecting shoes manufactured on the last that most resembles the contours of one's feet, customers will achieve a superior fit.

Goodyear Welted Styles
There are ten different lasts used to manufacture our welted footwear, or those styles designated by a four-digit number. The last number is the same as the style's final digit.

0 Last (000)
A more pronounced cone and elongated forpart with a subtly clipped toe create a sleek silhouette.
Top Sellers: Evanston, Manhattan, Berkley, Bel Air
1 Last (511)
Similar to the 7 Last from heel to the ball of the foot, yet with a more rounded, fuller fitting toe.
Top Sellers: Leeds, Wilbert, Shelton, Bradley
2 Last (692)
A square toe last with a more pronounced cone. Developed to accommodate a PORONÂ
cushion inner sole.
Top Sellers: Perry, Warren
5 Last (65)
This is the longest in length of all of our lasts; best for a long, narrow foot.
Top Sellers: Park Avenue
6 Last (206)
A long, sleek last similar to the 8 (108) last, but with a narrower heel for a closer fit.
Top Sellers: Leyland
7 Last (97)
Best fit for the average foot; similar to the 3 Last but lays flatter in the toe area.
Top Sellers: Grayson, MacNeil
8 Last (108)
Elongated forepart with a tapered and flatter toe; similar to the 2 last.
Top Sellers: Thayer, Hale, Delray, Clifton Ashton
8 Last (678)
Modeled after the 7 last, but with a fuller squared-off toe. A good fitting last that is built with additional depth to accommodate Allen Edmonds removable orthotic.
Top Sellers: Ashton
9 Last (79)
Tapered back portion pushes the foot forward to fit low across the top of the foot rather than the instep.
Top Sellers: Randolph, Cody

Athleisure Styles
All of our sophisticated athletic-inspired Athleisure styles are manufactured on one last.

Athleisure Last (708)
An elongated forpart and low profile enhance the comfort features.
Top Sellers: Peyton

Handsewn Styles
Handsewn Styles are constructed on one of six lasts. Look below to find the characteristics of each last.

Handsewn Last (114)
Semi-round toe handsewn last. Shorter to reduce slipping in the heel and gapping in the sides.
Top Sellers: Walden, Nashua, Maxfield, Stowe, Holton Handsewn Last (145)
Tapered, square toe handsewn last with an elongated forpart; fuller fitting.
Top Sellers: Hamlin, Burke
Handsewn Last (800)
A classic handsewn last with a semi-rounded toe and roomier instep; longer forepart than the 555 or 114 lasts.
Top Sellers: Hampton Handsewn Last (1005)
An updated look on our classic handsewn last. A longer forpart and low profile create a perfect fit.
Top Sellers: Campbell, Alton
Handsewn Last (2592)
A rounder, fuller toe handsewn. 1/8" longer than the 114 last to accommodate a fuller sock liner with heel-to-toe padding.
Top Sellers: Eastport

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