Advice needed to find a tailor in the DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth) Texas area

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by Kypsahara, Nov 19, 2012.

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    Nov 19, 2012

    Hopefully, this is the correct sub-forum to post in. After looking at the others, this appeared to me to be the best spot.

    I am looking for a local quality tailor to call our own (wife and I) in the DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas) area, preferably Fort Worth. In all honesty, this is mostly for me, so to present options for men's only tailors or those whose expertise really lie in menswear is quite alright. With that being said, tailors with unisex skill are a plus. Note: I am posing this question to all my local connections as well as other forums that contain similar content as to this one.

    Little background:

    I am looking to upgrade my wardrobe and will need someone who can: help with measurements; tailor existing clothes - shirts, jackets, pants, jeans; as well as, tailoring any clothes I might get down the road. While quality is of the utmost importance, we do have to consider price. Bearing that in mind, a good idea as to typical tailoring cost structure (standard industry rate sort of thing), if even possible, can prove to be helpful. High and low end is fine and gives me a better sense of what to look for in the future.

    While I am continuing to research the topic to learn as much as I can, any input on what to look out for when selecting a good tailor is welcome.

    Best and thank you for your time.


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