A Walk Down Memory Lane, the Unbreakable Rules, and More - 2/11/13

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by StyleforumRobot, Feb 11, 2013.

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    The Legend of Vox

    Who was voxsartoria? Why do so many people reference him, and with such great regard? And what has happened to StyleForum over the last year – is it a good or bad development? In this introspective thread Classic Menswear posters take a walk down memory lane, and talk about the state of the forum, good or bad, today.

    The Fall of the iGent

    Are you an iGent? Do you follow a proscribed list of style rules unwaveringly? But… what if those rules don’t actually exist?

    All About Hedi

    Hedi Slimane is back designing clothes, this time for the brand formerly known as Yves Saint Laurent, and now simply Saint Laurent Paris. This thread features his two latest collections, as well as a lively discussion on the merits of his work – is its sell by date expired, or is he still reinventing the wheel? You decide.

    Deals of the Day

    Kris Van Assche Perforated High Tops, 40

    Undercover Canvas Military Jacket, 42

    Chester Barrie Cashmere Sportcoat, 40

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