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A. testoni monkstrap

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by rayk, Aug 10, 2004.

  1. rayk

    rayk Senior member

    Dec 20, 2003
    Inferno: Circle 5
    I really like the style of this shoe, but have no experience with A. Testoni. Â Can anyone offer any insight into the quality of this monkstrap? Â How does the leather and construction of this line compare with say EG or JL?
  2. Renault78law

    Renault78law Senior member

    Jan 29, 2003
    Los Angeles
    I don't have experience with that particular shoe, but I do own one pair of black label Testoni's.  However, they retailed between 6-700, whereas the shoes you linked retail for much more.

    First off, that price isn't great.  Testoni's regularly go on sale for 50% off at their botique, and they have a decent selection.  Even the Testoni's that I bought from Bluefly were more heavily discounted than the ones you linked.  I think they were 50-60% off, then a 20% off sale, then 15% off coupon.

    Second, I haven't been thrilled with the leather.  I bought these shoes two years ago, and have only worn them a few times for short amounts of time, ie to the opera or to a graduation, etc.  I think I took good care of them, considering how seldom I wore them.  Anyway, I took them out of the closet to shine them, and noticed that the leather seemed very dry.  Hard to explain...just feel like the polar opposite of supple.  I don't have a whole lot of experience with fine shoes, but I can hardly believe that the leather on these shoes is from the same animal as my newly acquired EG's, Handmade J&M's, heck, even my old Ferragamo's.  In fact, I haven't had a shoe in my whole life look as poorly as these do.  Perhaps any fault is amplified because my shoes are a light brown, but still, they just don't FEEL nice. I'm going to put some cream on them, and then shine them...hopefully, that will bring back the life.  Needless to say, I'm disappointed.  If I hadn't gotten such a great deal on them, I would be outright mad.

    I don't know much about construction, but they seem to be built nice enough, lightweight too. However, the stitching is noticibly less fine than the EG's, and of course the J&M's.

    Like I said above, I can't say anything with any certainty because the shoes you linked seem to be of a nicer leather and retail for more, but I would pass on those shoes.

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