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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by ken, May 1, 2003.

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    Jul 25, 2002
    I am looking for a way out of my apartment lease. I think it is a fairly complex situation. I'll try to describe it in as few words as possible.

    My roomates and I moved into our townhouse in August of 2002, but we prepaid rent starting in May. Around February, when I went into the office to pay rent, I was told that I must sign a new lease for the upcoming year immediately if I wanted to secure my townhouse. I was told by my roomates that they'd be around next year and would be living in the same place, so I went ahead and signed it, saying that my roomates would be in later to add their names. Well, needless to say, they screwed me over. Neither of them will be living in this town next year (that being the next school year). So, as of now, I am the only person on a $750 dollar lease. I make about $500 a month, so clearly this is a problem.

    Since I realized the situation I was in, I have been asking for options every time I went in to pay rent. I got absolutely no answers, only "you'll have to come in when so-and-so is working." I even wrote a letter explaining my situation, and didn't receive a response.

    A week ago I got a 'late rent notice' with ALL THREE of our (my roomates' and mine) names on it. I went in to discuss it, and they told me that we would have had to pay this rent even if I hadn't mistakenly signed the new lease. But it is clearly stated on our lease that April's rent is covered by the pre-paid. So I came in the next day, because I was told to, and was told this time that I have to pay rent just because I signed the new lease. I was told that I am responsible for rent until they (the landlord company) find new tenants. I told her there was no way I could pay it, and she told me to make an appointment with whom I believe to be a general manager of some sort.

    That is where I stand now. I'll be meeting with him within the next couple of days. I would REALLY appreciate any advice you guys could give me, as I am in a serious bind if they take me to court, though I am not worth anything.


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