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A few quick Jantzen questions if you don't mind.


Senior Member
May 3, 2006
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I want to order myself a couple of shirts to wear casually. I'm in university so they will be worn mostly with shorts or jeans, untucked with the sleeves rolled up. I just like the look and feel of shirts over tshirts.

My main question is about fabric. I want the lightest weight and softest fabric. I don't like my shirts to look stiff. Should I be looking at French Oxford, Oxford, Plain Cotton or Cotton Twill? Also, is a 120 a lighter weight fabric than a 100? I like the look of some of the fabrics that are listed as Cotton Twill, 2 plys, 120s. Is this a nice light weight fabric or should I be looking at something else?

Which collar style should I be looking at? I like soft, kind of floppy collars. I also don't like the collar to be extremely tall. I like to wear my shirts underneath sweaters and I find a really tall collar looks kind of odd.

Will Jantzen make a shirt with a square hem? I didn't see that option on their order form but I'm assuming they wouldn't have any problems with it. Does anyone know for sure?

I want my shirts to end right around my belt line. I'm also going to have a reputable tailor in town take my measurements. Should I just bring in a few pairs of pants and explain to him how I want my shirts to fit and let him take the measurement accordingly?

Thanks a lot.

Jolly Green

Well-Known Member
Mar 14, 2006
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Sea Island Cotton. Very light weight...sheer even, and very soft when you purchace it. There have been mixed results around here after laundering. Seems some peoples fabric have "hardened." I've washed mine several times and the fabric is still rather nice. Your results may vary.

Collar style and size depends on your face. Of course if you are not going to wear it with a tie, it probably doesn't matter too much. I guess you should find a shirt that you like and match it as closely as possible to one in of the options. Measure your collar and tell him what size you want.

Square hem. I'm sure he will.



Distinguished Member
Jan 29, 2003
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I thought square hem was an option, it's not? I'd take the regular hem over the square anyway, it's not cut very deep. I ordered my tester shirt short, hoping to wear it untucked, and it looks great that way. Just get the self-colored gusset.

I respectfully disagree with the sea island cotton recommendation. I have one, and not only do I dislike it, but it strikes me as dress shirt fabric, as opposed to casual. It wrinkles excessively too.

Get the softest collar, and go without stays.

Regarding length, better than measuring the length on your body, just measure a shirt that you like.


Senior Member
Mar 23, 2006
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Some of the fabric names state "Soft Cotton." You may want to try one of those.

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