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53 TRAD/IVY TIE MEGATHREAD! 32 NOS ties from Finney Wood's, a classic NJ Trad store, PLUS Brooks, Li

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May 18, 2009
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I have some more lovely tradly ties to pass on today, including many NOS ties from the tradly clothier Finney Wood, regimentals, patterns, paisleys, and emblematics! PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS THE LAST FINNEY WOODS TIES THAT ARE LIKELY TO BE AVAILABLE!

As always, I offer FREE SHIPPING ON EVERYTHING IN THE USA; International inquiries are welcome, with shipping at cost!


Please PM with interest and offers!


GROUPS A to E: NOS Ties from Finney Wood

I'm delighted to be able to pass on today a whole slew of beautiful NOS (new, old stock) ties from the now-defunct Trad clothier Finney Wood's of the C17th Quaker town Haddonfield, NJ.

Located on a street laid out almost three centuries, Finney Wood's was a classic American clothier, serving the conservative and wealthy population of a town whose biggest controversy in recent years was a house painted purple. Finney Wood himself played football in high scool with Al Driscoll, later Governor of New Jersey, and Al often shopped at Wood's store during office. Finney Wood's closed its doors for the last time many years ago, and so I'm delighted to be able to offer these NOS ties that have recently resurfaced!

These are extremely nice ties! Almost all Made in the USA by Countess Mara, each of the Mara ties features a reinforced neck piece to ensure additional longevity. Several are made of "Sistine Satin", a Countess Mara speciality that was intended by the company to one of the rarer and more desirable fabrics for a tie to be made from; an advert from the Milwaukee Journal from 1981 prices "Sistine Satin" ties at $26, where regular silk ties from Countess Mara are priced between $19 and $2000 (in 1981! I suspect that this must be a typo!)

See the ad. here: https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1499&dat=19811221&id=MiAiAAAAIBAJ&sjid=oX4EAAAAIBAJ&pg=5540,58535&hl=en

Several carry their original tags noting that they are Hand Tailored.

Although these are all absent their original sales tags, these are all in excellent condition unless otherwise noted.


Pricing : $14 for the first tie, $12 for the second, $10 for the third, $8 each thereafter! All prices include shipping in the USA; International inquiries are welcome, with shipping at cost.

1) SOLD Beautiful, classic, neats tie. ALl silk; made in the USA. 3 5/8".

2) SOLD Beautiful, classic, all-season tie; perfect for tweeds, worsted, or with poplin suits! 3 3/4".

3) SOLD ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! Floral medallions, and sistine satin. A stunning tie! 3 5/8".

4) SOLD Floral medallions on a base with a shadow pattern in checkerboard; this is an extremely lovely and luxurious tie. 4"

5) SOLD A beautiful, classic neats tie. Lovely! All silk, and made in the USA. 3 3/4".


Pricing : $14 for the first tie, $12 for the second, $10 for the third, $8 each thereafter! All prices include shipping in the USA; International inquiries are welcome, with shipping at cost.

6) A beautiful, classic dark paisley. 3 3/4".

7) SOLD A gorgeous classic red paisley. 3 3/4"

8) A beautiful, classic, dark red paisley! 3 3/4"

9) SOLD Another gorgeous red paisley! "Sistine Satin". Some minor shop wear to tag, as shown. 3 3/4".

10) A beautiful and unusual paisley! 3 7/8".

11) ABSOLUTELY STUNNING, TRULY GORGEOUS! "Sistine Satin". It's hard to describe this tie, so please do look at the pictures; this is a really gorgeously richly patterning tie in fire reds and golds, with hints of mythical beasts woven into the pattern. It's truly gorgeous, and, since I'm not increasing the price on this to reflect this, an absolute steal! 3 5/8".


[/B]: $14 for the first tie, $12 for the second, $10 for the third, $8 each thereafter! All prices include shipping in the USA; International inquiries are welcome, with shipping at cost.

12) A beautiful and conservative geometric tie. 3 1/2".

13) A beautiful geometric tie, with medallions. 3 7/8".

14) SOLD A wonderfully tradly tie; a classic geometric. "Sistine Satin". 3 1/2".

15) Another beautiful geometric, in subdued red. Some minor shop soiling to the white of the keeper, as shown. 3 1/2".

16) SOLD A beautiful, luxurious tie! This is a rare Countess Mara, as it lacks the front embroidered logo. 4".

17) SOLD A lovely small repeating pattern! 3 1/2".


Pricing ON GROUPS A to E : $14 for the first tie, $12 for the second, $10 for the third, $8 each thereafter! All prices include shipping in the USA; International inquiries are welcome, with shipping at cost.

18) SOLD ABSOLUTELY LOVELY paisley medallions! 3 1/2"

19) SOLD ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL, almost aquatic paisley! Navy and sky blue, with maroon highlights. 3 5/8"

20) SOLD LOVELY paisley tie in lilacs and lavenders; a very subtle and subdued paisley pattern. This is not a Countess Mara tie, but is from Finney Wood's; it's all silk. It does have a very small snag hole on the lining, hence is $7. 3 3/8"

21) SOLD WONDERFUL and unusual salmon-pink paisley tie with a very rare and beautifuly subtle shadow-pattern background. 3 5/8"

22) SOLD BEAUTIFUL! A classic brown paisley, perfect for Fall and for tweeds! 3 5/8"

23) SOLD ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! This is a beautiful paisley; a jet black background, with vibrant scarlet and blue paisley patterning. Absolutely wonderful! Some minor soiling to the white of the keeper, otherwise wonderful! 3 1/2"


Pricing ON GROUPS A to F : $14 for the first tie, $12 for the second, $10 for the third, $8 each thereafter! All prices include shipping in the USA; International inquiries are welcome, with shipping at cost.

24) A lovely and dignified tie! 4"

25) SOLD A classic neats tie; very trad., and very beautiful! "Sistine Satin". 3 5/8"

26) SOLD A classic neats tie, with a yellow background. "Sistine Satin". This has some minor shop soiling to the lining, as shown, hence just $8. 3 3/4".

27) SOLD ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS TIE! This is truly beautiful; a medallion pictorial tie, featuring flowers and citiscapes. This is a strikingly beautiful ties! While this does have an internal lining, the tip of the blade of this tie is unlined. This really is beautiful, but is still priced as the other Countess Maras here. 3 1/2".


Pricing ON GROUPS A to F : $14 for the first tie, $12 for the second, $10 for the third, $8 each thereafter! All prices include shipping in the USA; International inquiries are welcome, with shipping at cost.

29) A very intriguing tie! Keeper is off on one side, otherwise excellent. This lacks the usual embroidered logo. 3 7/8".

30) SOLD A lovely Gucci-esque tie from Countess Mara; rare, as it is absent the usual embroidered logo. This also has the original hangtag stating that it was Hand Tailored. 3 3/4"

31) ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! Paisley medallions. Not a Countess Mara, but all silk and Made in the USA. 3 3/4".

32) SOLD ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! This is a beautiful and luxurious tie, and would be PERFECT for tweeds or suits! This truly is marvellous, and a fitting tie to end the Great Finney Wood's listing of 2015.... Unless we're really lucky, this is the last of the Finney Wood's tie to come on the market in this quantity. 3 3/4".

GROUP G: Regimentals

33) SOLD VINTAGE Custom Made Brooks Brothers regimental tie for Hill School. Tiny run at the very tip of blade, hence Very Good condition. 55/45 silk/poly. 3 1/8". $10.

34) Warden-Brooks limited regimental. Silk. Minor rub on corner as shown, hence just Good/Very Good condition, and so $6. 3 1/2".

35) Bancroft regimental. Tiny stain in centre of blade, as shown, hence just $6. 3".

GROUP H: Regimentals

36) SOLD Vintage Red Label Jos. A Banks. Very Good condition. 3 1/4". $10.

37) Chaps by PRL. Very Good condition. 3 1/2". $10

GROUP I: Regimentals

38) SOLD Croft and Barrow. All silk, made in the USA. A lovely summer regimental! Excellent condition. 3 5/8". $10.

39) Countess Mara. Made expressly for the very tradly store Raleigh's of DC. Minor watermark on interior lining, otherwise excellent. 3 1/2". $10.

40) Toye, Kenning, and Spencer of London. A lovely club tie, with shadow emblems! ALl silk, excellent condition. Made in the UK. 3 5/8". $9

41) Nautica regimental. A surprisingly nice tie! 3 5/16". $9.

42) Waseda Classic Regimental. Single thread pull, as shown, hence Very Good condition, and so $9. 3 1/2"


43) SOLD Liberty of London. A beautiful floral design from Liberty's archives. 4". Made in the USA. All cotton. Very Good condition. $10.

44) Aeroplanes! A wonderful and whimsical tie, perfect for summer! Made in England for Liberty of London. All silk. 3 1/2". Excellent condition. $12.


45) Tennis Racquets and balls--a lovely summer tie by Burberry's! Made in England. Excellent condition!
3 5/8". $12.

46) WONDERFUL 1950s inspired island palm tree tie! Beacsue of its colouring this would pair well with tweed; because of its motif it would do well with seersucker or pincord! Its hard to find a tie that's this versatile. All silk, and made in the USA, the colourway, texture and style fo this tie are perfectly 1950s! 3 3/4". Excellent condition. Just $12!

47) Brooks Brothers Basics trellis tie. Ideal for summer, this was Made in the USA. Excelent condition. 3 3/4". $10.

GROUP L: Repeating Patterns

48) Christian Dior. Made in the USA. Love bow ties but sometimes have to wear a straight tie? Then this is for you! 3 7/8". $10.

49) Banana Republic. Pliers! Lovely patterning and colourway. Made in Italy. 4". $10.

50) Vineyard Vines. Palm trees and cocnut cocktails--a perfect tie for summer! Some minor discoloration to the lining, and minor rumpling, hence just Very Good condition. 3 3/4". $10.

51) Museum Artifacts. The classic inverted Jenny! Usually, I don't bother with whimsical ties, but this one is extremely appealing, and perfect for a stamp collector, an aviator, or someone who for reasons of their own finds the phrase "inverted Jenny" amusing. Pervert. 3 7/8". $12.

52) Brooks Basics. Jumping fish. Salmon? Who knows! A lovely tie. 3 5/8. $12.


53) Talbott Studios. 3 14". A lovely and unusual tie! $14.



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