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48R NWT 100% Cashmere Brioni sportcoat -- $575

Discussion in 'B&S Archive' started by johnnynorman3, Nov 18, 2004.

  1. johnnynorman3

    johnnynorman3 Senior member

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    Mar 3, 2004
    Special deal for forum members before this baby goes up on Ebay. PM me if interested. I just got this in so I don't have pics or measurements. But here's a short description:

    Two button, single breasted. Sleeves are already finished with faux buttonholes. It is fully lined. The fabric is a bit hard to describe. I would say that it is dark gray, light gray, and black threads woven together, with an overall dark gray "textured" appearance. The way the threads are woven together is very reminiscent of a cashmere sweater -- if you've ever seen Oxxford's "Ivy Tweed" fabrics, this is sort of like that. Really has the feel and look of a cashmere sweater.

    The cashmere is probably medium weight, and I think that this is about a 2.5/3 season coat. $575 w/ free shipping for forum members. This deal will last until Friday evening, at which point I'm going to throw it up on Ebay with a $599 starting price.

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