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28 CLASSIC SWEATERS MEGATHREAD! SOME FREE! Sizes S to 2XL! Old-School LLBean Norwegian, Vintage Broo

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May 18, 2009
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I have a whole slew of wonderful sweaters to pass on today, including some Ivy classics, such as saddle-shoulder Shetlands from Scotland, Scottish cashmere, handknits, and three versions of the Preppy favorite, the 1980s LLBean Norwegian sweater!

As always, I offer FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA: International inquiries are welcome, with shipping at reduced cost.


Please PM with interest and offers![/B

1) SOLD LL Bean Norwegian sweater. Rugged, hardwearing, beautiful, and made in their home country of Norway, the LL Bean Norwegian sweater debuted in 1965, and attained iconic status in the 1980s when it was featured in The Official Preppy Handbook.... a rare case of a fashion book identifying something that was already beloved, rather than trying to invent something new! This is now justly considered THE Ivy sweater.... although these are no longer made, being discontinued by Bean (or laid to "res", as Bean put it) in the late 1990s. However, this was such a popular and iconic item that bean reintroduced it in 2009--albeit with a different fabric content and sizing.

This is one of the original versions, in 80% wool and 20% rayon. Remember, THESE ARE NO LONGER MADE! This was Made in Norway, and is in Excellent condition. Moreover, this is the VERY rare dark charcoal grey and red version. Size Large. Chest: 22 3/4; Sleeve 33; Length: 25 3/4. Asking just $35, or offer.

2) BEAUTIFUL Aran cableknit sweater by Orvis, in a wonderful loden green. Excellent condition! Size Large. Chest: 22 3/4; Sleeve: 34 3/4; Length: 25. Asking just $27.

3) SOLD LL Bean Norwegian sweater. Rugged, hardwearing, beautiful, and made in their home country of Norway, this is another of the original versions of this classic Ivy sweater, in 80% wool and 20% rayon. Again, THESE ARE NO LONGER MADE! This was Made in Norway, and is in Excellent condition. This is the classic grey and red version. Size Large. Asking just $30, shipped in the USA. Chest: 22 3/4; Sleeve 34; Length: 25 1/4.

4) Classic handknit sweater. Excellent condition. Almost certainly Made in the USA. Chest: 21; Sleeve: 35 1/2; Length: 24. Asking just $23.

5) SOLD Patagonia. Size S. Good condition only; minor pilling throughout. $12, or FREE with another sweater! Chest: 18; Sleeve: 32 1/2; Length: 24 1/2.

6) Alan Paine pure lambswool St Andrews sweater. From one of the great English sweater companies! made in England. Size 42. Chest: 19 3/4; Sleeve: 32 1/2; Length: 23 1/2. Asking just $20.

7) Woodstock sweater. This is a lovely, classic wool sweater with a versatile patterning and colourway in damson and forest green. Size M. Excellent condition. Chest: 21 1/2; sleeve: 32; length: 26. Asking just $16.

8) SOLD Brooks Brothers cashmere sweater in loden green. Knitted in Great Britain. Size 46. Excellent condition. Chest: 25; sleeve; 38; length 27 3/4. Asking just $24.

9) SOLD Gant shawl collar sweater vest. Designed to replicate a 1960s college atheletics sweater, this is lovely! It does have some schmaltz on the right side, as shown, but this is on the surface only and will come out with the first cleaning. As such, this is in Good/Very Good condition, and is a bargain at just $18. Chest: 20; Sleeve: 32 1/2; Length: 25 3/4. Size S.

10) For your Small Trad! A child's (?) sweater vest, in excellent condition. Made in Great Britain. Chest: 16 1/4; length: 20 1/2. $10.

11) Paul Frederick cashmere sweater vest. Could use a dry clean to freshen it up as it's been in storage, otherwise Excellent condition. Forest Green. Made in Great Britain. 2-ply cashmere. Asking just $18.


12) SOLD Northern Waters cableknit shawl collar sweater. Made in the USA. A lovely example of this classic sweater! Excellent condition. Size 40. Chest: 22; sleeve: 29; length: 24 1/2. Asking just $20.

13) LL Bean shawl collar button neck sweater in forest green. This is a lovely sweater, featuring contrast knitting across the shoulders. Size 2XL. Made in the USA. Excellent condition. Chest: 28; sleeve: 37 1/2; Length: 281/2. Asking just $20.

14) SOLD LL Bean Norwegian sweater. THE Preppy classic sweater! This is one of the original 1980s versions, in 80% wool and 20% rayon, not the modern and inferior replication that Bean now offers. This was Made in Norway, and is in Excellent condition. Size XL-Tall. Chest: 26, sleeve: 37; length: 28. Asking just $30, shipped in the USA.

15) Dean's of Scotland "fun" sweater. Size 40. Shetland wool spun in Scotland; sweater hand-framed in British Hong Kong. Excellent condition, except for a small hole at the elbow, and a small hole at the back of the collar; hence just $12, or FREE with another sweater! Chest: 19 1/2; sleeve; 31; length: 26 1/2.

16) Alan Paine shetland sweater vest. Size 38. Minor pilling throughout, hence just Good condition. Just $12, or FREE with another sweater! Chest: 18; length: 23 1/2.

17) Polo Ralph Lauren cricket/tennis sweater vest. Size L. This is beautiful, but it appears to have a shadow stain on one side, only visible at certain angles and in certain lights, hence just Good/Very Good condition. Asking just $15. Chest: 19 1/2; length: 24 1/2.

18) SOLD Made in England Starford Fair Isle style sweater. This has a small stain on the front, as shown, hence in Good condition only; $12 or FREE with another sweater! Size L. Chest: 20; sleeve: 33; length: 26 1/8.

19) Brooks Brothers cotton cableknit sweater. Excellent condition. Size L. Chest: 23; sleeve: 34; length: 27. Asking just $19.

20) BEAUTIFUL CLASSIC SHETLAND SWEATER! By Waverly. Made in Scotland. Saddle shoulders; excellent condition apart from some very minor pilling to the elbow, as shown. Asking just $24. Size L. Chest: 22; sleeve: 32 3/4; length: 26 1/4.

21) BEAUTIFUL Classic Snowflake sweater by Brooks Brothers. This dates form the era of the Block White Capitals on black background BB labeling. All wool, and in excellent condition, this is a steal at just $22, or offer. Size XL. Chest: 22; Sleeve: 35 1/2; Length: 26.

22) Wallin cashmere sweater. Size XL. Very Good/Excellent condition. Chest: 22; sleeve; 34 1/2; length: 26 3/4. Asking just $20.

23) Grey crewneck sweater. No name or fabric content, but almost certainly cashmere. $18. Chest: 22; sleeve: 31 1/4; Length: 24 1/2. Excellent condition.

24) Westeraway and Westerway cashmere sweater. Very Good condition. Made in Scotland. Chest: 20 3/4; sleeve: 32 1/4; Length: 24 1/2. Asking just $20.

25) Oliver Perry Cashmere sweater. A lovely dark plum colour. Size XL. Very Good condition. Chest: 24 1/2; sleeve: 36; length: 27. Asking just $20.

26) LL Bean British Commando sweater. Made in England. All the features that you'd expect on a commando sweater, including elbow and shoulder reinforcements! This is tagged Large Long, but it measures more like a Extra Small Long; Chest: 17 1/2; Sleeve: 34; Length: 27 1/2 (Commando sweaters are traditionally oversized in arms and length for warmth!) Excellent condition. Asking just $20.

27) Princeton University Public Safety Sweater. Cableknit exterior; this is reversible to have a reflective sweater in case of night work. Excellent condition! Retains the original PUPS patch! Asking just $20. Chest: 21; sleeve: 35; length: 27 1/2.

28) Viyella vest; here, Viyella is the brand, not the fabric--this is merino wool. Excellent condition. Chest: 22; length: 25 1/4. Asking just $20.

29) SOLD Le Tricot Marine sweater. Le Tricot Marine of Ireland are well-known for making THE best Guernsey sweaters available today, and while this isn't a Guernsey the quality of this sweater clearly shows why their reputation is thoroughly justified--it's absolutely gorgeous! Made in Ireland (of course), this sweater is in excellent condition. Size XL. Chest: 25 1/2; sleeve: 33 1/2; Length: 26 1/2. Asking just $25--a steal for a sweater of this quality!



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