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  1. Balfour

    Short watch straps

    Does anyone have recommendations for a firm to supply short watch straps - I'm looking for ordinary high quality leather (not exotics) and something available 'OTR' so to speak, rather than made to my specifications. I've checked out some old threads, but they seem to recommend Banda or very...
  2. tdonohue

    Starting Business Wardrobe with $2k

    Hello All, Been reading this forum for a few weeks and thought I would seek some advice from the collective wisdom of the SF community. I just graduated college and start my first job in July in Chicago; the environment is business casual, though I'd like to be on the dressier side of business...
  3. dapperdoctor

    What do you guys think of not wearing a watch?

    If you are totally well-dressed from head to toe, is it possible to be up to the style forum standards (insert chuckle here) without wearing a watch? I actually prefer not to wear one sometimes, but I wonder if this is a bad idea.
  4. lukemil

    Modest Watch Question

    I have spent the last fifteen years wearing a Tag 4000 series stainless face / stainless body watch that I like, but now consider a sports-watch. I would like something more elegant for work. My first impulse is vintage Rolex, but I really don't feel like I know exactly what I want yet and don't...
  5. antipaladin

    Men's watch at the $5K mark?

    I have a nice all stainless Movado that's held up well..no bling bling..and a workhorse Seiko I've worn for years. I'd like to take the plunge on a "nice" watch with clean lines and professional appearance. I'm not a fan of gold or diamonds on watches. I saw some nice Breitling's at that price...
  6. lesjinx

    digital watches with suits

    I am curious to know what people here think about wearing digital watches with suits or just wearing them in general with casual clothes. There seems to be a trend of people wearing digital watches with suits who are trying to come off as unassuming or to avoid scrutiny. Here are two examples...
  7. Bexcellence

    What to do when shirt sleeve covers your watch?

    Should you tuck part of the sleeve underneath the watch so it always shows? Or just let the watch remain covered?
  8. A

    My new holy grail watch

    http://hypebeast.com/2011/03/project...tealth-series/ black on black rolex is sex.
  9. Parker

    In Praise of Navy

    I think navy is the greatest color for men's clothing. It could be construed as boring, but I think it's really versatile and always looks good. In any season. On almost any complexion. Suits, jackets, casual jackets, denim, sweaters, scarves... so many things look good in navy. And while I...
  10. SirGrotius

    Poor man's watch thread

    Since I'm poor and only own an Omega, I figure I better have the right one! I have the opportunity to trade my SMP for a PO. If I do this I'd need to add some money (don't know about 1K) to sweeten the deal. What do you think of these two beasts? Right now I have the Seamaster Pro: I could have...
  11. SpallaCamiccia

    Luca Rubinacci ; most TACKY around

    Where is the hype with Luca Rubinacci? He wants to be the ETRO man? I found him the most tacky douche around I have ever seen. Even he is tatooed Thing that a real and classic elllegant man would never do under my personal thoughts. He mixes colors with a very bad taste and to me he looks to be...
  12. w.o.e.is.me.

    Gaziano & Girling's Wigmore in Vintage Rioja

    From our friends over at Bespoke England. I really wanted to go with Cherry (again), but thought it'd be wiser to diversify a bit. The Rioja is more sober and versatile, I think.
  13. foryoureyesonly

    Perception of Tissot Watches

    I'm wondering what the watch community and the general public think of Tissot watches. I had a TAG Heuer that I wore for about 3 years (got it cheap, less than $1k, I refuse to pay more than $1k for a watch until I'm really, really ballin', even then I might not, I know that sounds crazy to...
  14. thenanyu

    J Crew Fall/Winter 2010 Discussion

    http://www.acontinuouslean.com/2010/...=Google+Reader My favorites:
  15. sogg

    Opinion of Gucci Watches

    Hey guys, Long time reader of the forum. I have decided that its time that i buy a decent watch, i have been looking at various companies and after considering wat i can and cant afford. I have found a Gucci watch that i really like. Now before spending the money and regretting it after i...
  16. The_Foxx

    Anyone had a BAD exp with prestigetime.com?

    I ordered my Omega seamaster from www.prestigetime.com and had a great experience with them. My buddy is a little nervous about ordering his wristwatch online-- has anyone had a bad experience with Prestige Time? Is there any reason to believe their watches are counterfeit, and why are their...
  17. Augustus Medici

    White Dial vs. Black

    I decided to get a new watch and narrowed my choice down to a single watch model. However, I'm torn between two styles of the model: one is a black face with black leather strap; the other is a white face with a black leather strap. Everything else is exactly identical. I know the difference...
  18. Stu

    Automatic vs. quartz

    I'm looking at some nice Omega dress watches, but can't decide whether to get automatic or quartz. The price difference is significant, with quartz much cheaper. The salesmen have differing opinions. One thinks automatic is problematic and doesn't work as well. The other thinks automatic is...

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