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  1. T

    Can this stain or something be removed on the shirt?

    I haven't been wearing this for a few months or so and when I took this t-shirt out, I notice there are stains on it. Is there any way to remove these stains? I tried soaking it in detergent, but it didn't help...
  2. A

    discoloration on leather shoe

    Bought these Cole Haans from a goodwill. Took them home, cleaned with warm water and dish soap, conditioned with Saphir Renovateur, polished with cream polish. Once they were all cleaned up, I noticed the toe has some lighter shade discoloring. You can see it on left side of the shoe's toe in...
  3. An Acute Style

    Cleaning sweat/armpit stains on dress shirts

    What do you do when your shirts get armpit stains? I have a process to get rid of them, but I’m curious what other people suggest. Buying a new shirt is not always the right answer. It can be cost prohibitive and the same/a similar shirt may not be available. I follow the advice given by the...
  4. squalidozzi

    Best Detergents and Stain Removers: Laundry Megathread

    I was mildly surprised to have come up with zero results after a forum search for detergent/stain remover recommendations! Tweaked my search terms a bit and then found a few small threads on laundering, but no good ones focused on products, so I figured I'd start a thread as a resource for...
  5. ircfas133

    How to clean oil stain on Filson original briefcase

    I tried some Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover Pen on the little oil stain on the bag, don't know whether the stain will go away. Any suggestions.... ? The material is: Made from 22-oz. 100% cotton oil finish Rugged Twill with 100% Genuine Bridle Leather.
  6. looking

    Clean sweat Stain from Suit?

    Hey guys! I recently purchase a light/medium gray suit. The problem is, we're had a hot spell here and I wore it to a function that was in a "warm" room...now I have sweat stains under the arms of my jacket...how do I clean it? Thanks!
  7. Franky In T.O.

    Water Stained Leather Shoes

    Only a few months ago, I picked up my first couple of pairs of expensive leather shoes and let me tell you, once you do you never go back! So I've been very happy except it was a very rainy day here in Toronto on Monday and I was caught in it. I've worn these shoes in the rain before, but it...
  8. heeroj108

    Spot Cleaning Wool Suit

    My Wool *Grey* suit has a small dark spot near the collar. I'm not sure what kind of stain it is. I tried just dapping some water but that did not work. Any ideas on what I should do before taking it to the cleaners?
  9. fatherseanfan

    brown spots from ironing

    While ironing a couple of white shirts, I noticed some smal brown spots appearing, so I stopped. Anyone know what causes this? I assume either bad water in the iron or soap residue still in the shirts? And how I can get this out? Thanks in advance.
  10. misterbowles

    What's wrong w/my right armpit????

    I know this will sound a little odd, but I'm being quite serious... For some reason, in the past month or so, my right armpit has begun to sweat really heavily. My t-shirt will get wet within an hour after I apply anti-perspirant, and it soaks through to my shirt quickly after that. I have no...

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