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  1. Cthulhu

    Clarks Desert Boot Originals Beeswax size

    I measured my foot 296mm from heel to longest toe, I'm choosing between sizes EU46 and EU47. As per clarks fit guide I'm closer to 47, but I've also seen a lot of reviews and websites say these boots run large and that you should size down. I have a suede chukka boot from Bata which is size EU46...
  2. Pureblue227

    Needing some advices on size of Carmina & Loake

    Hey guys I have a pair of Loake chester 024 last F UK7 it's slightly wide for me so I added a pair of insoles and it perfectly fits Next I might buy Loake strand Capital last or Carmina 80251 Inca last or Carmina 803 Queens last My feet length 260mm width 100mm insteps height 70mm The feet...
  3. S

    What's the Drop on Suitsupply's Lazio, Havana, and Washington Models?

    Basically what the title states - what's the drop on Suitsupply's Lazio, Havana, and Washington suit jackets? Can't find this info anywhere. Thanks
  4. A

    From a freshman: How to choose the right size of shoes?

    I have tried new shoes in store, and it realy hurts because of my high instep. And I also found that new shoes would be more comfortable and a little larger after putting a shoe tree in them. SO my question is How can I choose the right size for me? And How does it feel when I choose the right...
  5. geogga

    18 East Dungri West Chino - Undyed Khadi Denim size Medium M

    New pants but tried on. They're wide and loose, somewhat hefty. It's white but can look slightly ecru. Back pockets have a blue trim. It's slightly slubby inside. Cotton feels soft and is comfortable. $130 shipped. Here are some actual measurements: Waist: 32"/33" at bottom of waist collar...
  6. B


  7. B


  8. B


  9. B


  10. EzraPaul

    Dress vs Athletic shoe size

    In my experience, most men take their dress shoes somewhere between zero and one sizes smaller than their athletic shoes (nike, adidas, etc) and I thought it would be interesting to see if that is born out in the data via a poll. I have also observed that men with wide feet will often size up...
  11. M

    I'm searching normal mid-top sneakers

    Hello, I'm searching normal dark (black/blue,...) mid-top sneakers with a quite huge tongue because I'm not wearing very tight jeans and I don't want them to slip over the shoes. I really like the mid-top collection of Benjamin Berner ( www.benjaminberner.com ) but I have size 48 (EU) and...
  12. B

    Barbour Sapper Jacket - Fit/Size

    Hey everyone, so my girlfriend bought me a barbour jacket recently size M. (I love it) I'm 6ft 2 and 14 stone 8. Usually, my jacket size is mixed from S - M and I'm not too sure if M is too big. Ideally I would be wearing this in Autumn time, so with a sweater/shirt combo. However, I know that...
  13. elsalvatrucha

    Isaia “M” Fit shirts

    Recently I purchased a few Isaia shirts from Barney’s. Previously I have taken a 16 on the “E” and 16.5 on the “I” fit ( these are the letters under the size tag). On these shirts I took a 17 because they were the only size available and they are final sale but really like the fabric and color...
  14. coldsalmon

    Stretching my shoes - a true diary of torture

    "I am a sick man ... I am a spiteful man. I am an unattractive man. I think my liver is diseased." - Fyodor Dostoevsky, Notes from Underground What can a man do when his shoes - to whom he has given such love, such care - begin to torture him? He can do nothing but torture his shoes in return...
  15. R

    Loafer Conundrum

    I know there are many threads on loafer sizing but I've been having trouble with getting the right fit. So I recently bought a pair of OSB Beefroll Penny loafers in size 10D. I was recently re-measured on a Brannock at Allen Edmonds and my left foot is a 9.5E while my right is a 9.5D. The OSB's...
  16. robxznyc

    Marsèll shoes sizing

    Hi, anyone can share your experience with Marsèll shoes? Do they tend to run half or a full size large? Thanks
  17. M

    New Member, Question over Leather Jacket Fit. Thanks IA!

    Hello everyone at Style Forum! Lurked for about a week, but just bought a leather jacket and need advice about the sizing please. It FEELS absolutely fine, but I am a tad conscious about the sleeve length being a tad too long (I've got short arms for my height) I think the body length wise is...
  18. TheVale

    Magnanni Men's Chavez Black

    Its brand new, just open box. No wears. Available sizes: 9, 10, 10.5. PM the size. See the reference picture, same color.
  19. Bexcellence

    Does neck size affect overall body fit?

    How much slimmer (in the body) would a 15.5 be vs. a 16?
  20. ShayaEXQT

    One foot bigger than the other - What can I do??

    Just bought a new pair of shoes (pictures will be posted). My right foot is slightly smaller than my left, as a result the right shoe slips off a little bit. What would be the best remedy? An insole? Heel grip? Thanks

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