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  1. M

    RRL T-Shirts.

    These T-shirts have never been worn. I ordered a size too big. I took the tags off of two t-shirts but one of them still has the tags on them. Please feel free to ask me any questions I'm willing to sell them individually as well.
  2. potemkin_city_limits

    FS: Like new LVC 1950s Hawaiian shirt size small

    Selling an LVC 1950s Hawaiian shirt in size small. Asking $110 shipped to Canada and the US. It has never been worn and the tags are still attached so it is like new. Message me if you are interested.
  3. WHeisenbergW

    Good Brands for slim-fitting plain T shirts for tall men?

    Hi, I'm a 6'2" male and I'm having difficulty finding plain coloured slim-fitting T shirts designed for tall men (in the UK). I've searched around lots of forums but none of the brands suggested seemed suitable and many links have expired. Lots of the brands of slim fitting T shirts I have seen...
  4. Swagged

    I do not like the BR's Strecth-pima cotton basic tees, any better ones?

    It was suggested that I try them out. I did. Unfortunately, these shirts colars are horrible giving me that "bacon" effect. The length is slightly too long and the shoulders are pointy, and tacky. The only good thing about them was that they didn't fade nor shrink, are any similar tees out there?
  5. Newb to style

    Hello Syyleforum.Net.... I'm New And Clueless, Help Me Pl0x!

    Yea I think I posted this in the wrong place so here it is again here: Hello everyone, if you are reading this then thank you! Ok I'm going to start from the begging an confess all my fashion sins to you. Here goes: I'm 21 years old, but look about 17 (baby face). I'm 5 foot 9, with a slim...
  6. Gus

    Monitaly sizing question

    For Monity t shirts hiw is the fit? I am a size 42 but don't like it tight. Will a large work for me or do I need an XL?
  7. calf

    Unusual "alternative" t-shirts - who might have these online or in NYC?

    Last Saturday I passed by a guy wearing an athletic fitting t-shirt made of a coarsely weaved, but soft-looking black fabric. The most noticeable aspect was in the collar and sleeves: their edges were not hemmed, but instead ended in a very thin, tight curl. I like how the style offers a...
  8. hermes man

    Bird of Paradise

    its a very popular theme in givenchy spring summer 2012 collection even the korean drama currently airing in local tv "fashion king" has the actor wearing one i am so excited to check on Givenchy tommorow boutique hopefully they still have this shirt crossing my fingers... Riccardo Tisci...
  9. MCanavan6

    Brands for Basics

    I'm just starting to get into owning nicer clothes and have been moving slowly into the slim fitting (or well fitting) clothes for a while now. I have read articles and posts but my biggest problem with finding clothes is knowing which brands of clothes are the best bang for the buck. I feel...
  10. J. Cogburn

    Cashmere Tee-Shirts

    Want a white, a grey, and a black in 100%, glorious cashmere. Can't find them anywhere. Anyone have thoughts or suggestions?
  11. Ethan Halladay

    Everlane T-shirts

    What do you guys think about this company called Everlane. Has anyone bought a shirt from them? They claim to have designer T-shirts for $15. But to buy from them you have to invite your friends to join. I've seen a couple of their shirts on ebay too though, so I'm wondering if I should buy.
  12. willpower

    The Trend Back to Wide Legs and Flares?

    Is the pendulum swinging back? The blurb below is regarding female styles for spring, but I can imagine a similar thing happening for guys. I've seen posters for flares around town (LA). From hipster to hippie? Is this the future? "Flared and wide-leg jeans are also big sellers on the boutique...
  13. jjosephs

    Is this Louis Vuitton t-shirt working for me?

    I plan to wear this on the street, in class, and the occasional party. Do you think shirt is complimenting my short, slim frame? I'll be wearing them with straight leg dark blue jeans dark blue jeans.

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