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shoe fit

  1. jjacks

    What dress shoes/boots would a podiatrist recommend?

    I bear the misfortune of having a bunion on each foot. The general advice one finds online is to wear wide running shoes or some sort of square-toe monstrosities. The few doctors to whom I've spoken also recommend wide shoes, so toe boxes that chisel or taper are seen as exacerbating to my...
  2. Neo1

    Allen Edmonds fit & sizing help

    Lots of people have asked questions related to sizing, fit, etc. so I thought it might be helpful to compile the info I've gathered based on personal experience. People can feel free to add to this. Last This narrows things down a lot - won't absolutely determine whether something will work...
  3. robert123

    Perfect fix one foot smaller than other boots

    Just made an account so I could share this. Had been looking for a fix to extra room in the heel of my boots. Just got Saint Laurent ranger boots so I wasn't about to use any adhesive tongue pads. Looked at equine gel cushions and thought man I should just use a running sock and basically thats...
  4. annms

    How should dress shoes fit?

    Dress shoes are typically are narrower and pointed near the tip, so I was wondering if that narrow portion of the shoe is supposed to be filled up by your feet, or is the narrow pointy section of the shoe supposed to be empty? If the latter is so, are dress shoes typically longer than, say...
  5. Bexcellence

    Should you size down on Loafers?

    Is this the common standard? Mainly asking about Ferragamos if you can provide insight on those. If not, a general answer is fine. Also, these would be monk strap.
  6. Lafont

    Birkenstock Sizing?

    What's with Birkenstock sizes? I typically wear a size 9 shoe and my last sandals, an "elegant" (if one can use that term for a sandal) Born design I purchased in Yorkville in Toronto, were 9's. Yesterday I decided it was time to try Berkenstock's. Dillard's (one of the few stores in Greater...
  7. ShayaEXQT

    One foot bigger than the other - What can I do??

    Just bought a new pair of shoes (pictures will be posted). My right foot is slightly smaller than my left, as a result the right shoe slips off a little bit. What would be the best remedy? An insole? Heel grip? Thanks
  8. Reevolving

    Heel lifts up slightly (out of shoe) when walking.... yet...

    .... the shoe fits properly all around (I could not go a even 1/2 size smaller), and the laces are tied tight. Is this simply because a brand new pair of shoes tends to be stiff, and just needs breaking in? After that, I'd expect the shoe to ply more easily, and maybe not try to remain so...
  9. rebel222

    Air "whooshing" Sound From Shoes

    Does anyone have an issue with their shoes making a "whooshing" sound when they walk? It seems to happen on my better fitting shoes. The shoes that most closely resemble the shape of my foot seem to have a louder sound. I guess when the leather closely fits my feet, the air moving through this...
  10. JRB

    New shoes, how tight is too tight?

    Jeez, sorry, this seems like such a childish question, but it's really bugging me. So as I mentioned in another thread, I purchased a pair of Allen Edmonds Lexingtons, size 8.5D. They are tight. I wore them yesterday afternoon (about 3 hours) and today (about 9-10 hours) and my feet are...
  11. vincent.c

    Shoe Recommendation - Wide Forefoot, narrow heel

    Can anyone make recommendations as to shoes?? I have a wide forefoot and narrow heel and have the most difficult time finding decent leather dress shoes that fit properly. I also have a low instep or fairly flat foot. I basically need a wide shoe, but then I'm swimming in the heels and they...
  12. cartoonhead

    How to wear boots that are too large?

    I purchased some boots online and they arrived today. To my dismay, the size I am usually comfortable in is too big when it comes to this boot. I'm wondering what tricks I could use to make it more wearable? I've tried double layering my socks and putting folded tissue paper at the back of...
  13. rmr2122

    Alden Indy Boot Fit/Sizing Question

    Just picked up a pair of Indy boots and I'm second guessing my size choice a little. I'm usually somewhere between 8.5 and 9, bought an 8.5E boot. I can't decide if it feels a little big and clunky or if it's just new and stiff. They didn't have a pair in 8E that I could try on but the salesman...
  14. jdbob

    Agonizing over 1/2 size when buying shoes - - Pointless?

    I bought a few pairs of shoes this week and, as I often find myself doing, I agonize over 1/2 sizes. One is slightly more snug, but will give and break in, the other will be slightly looser. I can never make a choice that I am 100% happy with. I always wonder if I should have gotten the other...
  15. T

    Loafers slipping at the heel

    Hi All, I've just got some new black loafers to go with some mid grey smart/casual trousers, and the size 10 feel very comfortable but the heels slip quite alot when I walk, but not uncomfortably so. (in fact they still feel comfortable walking) I also bought the 9.5 and these don't slip, but...
  16. Ziss

    Loafer fit - too loose, or intended?

    Long time lurker, first time poster here. Hi everyone! I'm hoping someone can have patience with a question from a sartorially challenged. *clears throat* I recently ordered a pair of penny loafers, and finally got them today. Thing is, I've never owned a pair of good loafers before (yes, yes I...
  17. longskate88

    How snug should shoes be/ Will they stretch?

    Is there a rule of thumb as to how snugly leather dress shoes should fit? Mine have an all-over snugness, but I'm worried about my foot expanding throughout the day. Will leather shoes stretch out? I'm worried about going a 1/2 size up, since they might be too big, and might cause my foot to...
  18. cheessus

    I have thick ass feet so shoes don't fit...

    I have really thick feet. Not wide, but thick. I guess it is from doing Taekwondo. Anyway, my problem is that I can find shoes that fit length and width-wise, but not enough height-wise if that makes any sense. So the top of my toes (especially my big toe) gets crushed whenever I walk and...
  19. mg428

    How to decrease a shoe size?

    Hi guys, As a new member of the forum I have been vastly enjoying it and benefiting from your comments and assistance. There is another issue for which I require your help. As I indicated in my last thread, yesterday I started to check out what shoes I have in my collection. The thing is that...
  20. mr.loverman

    sperry's fit???

    how should sperry topsiders fit at first? when i jam my toe all the way forward how much room should be left behind my heel? thanks

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