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  1. C

    How do I add more fabric in the crotch area?

    Hello, I do realise this has probably been asked time and time again, but bear with me. On 2 of my pairs of trousers, the crotch is too high to fit me comfortably (as well as other issues, but I have to tackle this one first). Now my question is, how/in what way do I alter these trousers to make...
  2. babodabo

    What to do with an ugly hoodie with a cool print?

    Hey, I have this hoodie that Im attached to and that has quite a nice print on it. But the Pattern and the quality is so bad that I'm never wearing it. Anyone has an idea what I can do with it? the hoodie is black with a print on the front and back
  3. robxznyc

    Coat Welt Pocket Question

    Hi, I saw a unique welt pocket construction on a Maison Margiela trench coat and a Piombo overcoat. It's unique because the pocket is reachable from both the outside and inside, with welt construction on both sides. Additionally, as the under pocket isn't sewn onto the under welt they form a...
  4. PatriotsFan

    Pocket Square Problem - suit chest pocket sewn shut!

    Do most suit jackets have their chest pockets sewn shut? Is it possible to have them unsewn so I can fit a pocket square inside?

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