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  1. R

    Classic Men's Shoes

    Hi, I am an advocate of style and sustainability. I sent two pairs of my goodyear shoes one from carmina the other one from andres sendra to a cobbler in Canada for resole I was charged More than 1000 CAD including tax. I did some research for example potter and sons they are around the same...
  2. jb2001

    How to get my Gucci loafers re soled?

    As the title says, does anyone know how to get Gucci loafers resoled? Any help would be appreciated
  3. LA Guy

    What does it mean to Relast a shoe?

    Question: When you say "relast" do you mean they reshape the upper to original? Answer: They put the shoe on its original last while they remove and repair the outsole. This is a movie of the process at Allen Edmonds. Will be very similar at Alden...
  4. bkhahn

    When to resole/recraft Allen Edmonds?

    I have a pair of Allen Edmonds that are starting to show some wear on both the bottom of the sole as well as beginning to crack/separate along the edge. At what point should you get a shoe resoled? Is it time for this pair to get recrafted? Sole wear. Sole wear. Toe is beginning to...
  5. spitfirees20

    Prematurely Wearing Down The Back Of The Heel

    I've been having this problem with just about every pair of shoes, boots, etc. that I own (RM Williams Chelseas, a pair of Johnston and Murphys, etc.), and I need to figure out a solution before I start purchasing some nicer shoes. The problem is that the very back of the heel is wearing much...
  6. thecentennial

    Tod's sole replacement

    OK, so I have a pair of Tod's loafers, nice shoes, uber comfy..they are not drivers so I am expected to walk in them. My question is, can the famous Tod's dimpled rubber soles be replaced once worn? For expensive shoes you would think this would be an option..has anyone shipped theirs back to...
  7. Oyaji

    Shoe Damage Report & Shoe P0rn Central - Part II

    Those are nice Oyaji. Thanks, they are my favorite one. Here another pair of mine, G&G St James (from Bespoke-England), always showing left foot pics as it is my "worst" foot:
  8. jagmqt

    Resole Dr Martens?

    I know that Dr Martens take some bashing around here, but in the winter months, I like thier basic brown boot...it's light and comfortable to walk in... My problem is the soles are extremely slippery and offer very little traction in any amount of snow or ice. Anyone ever have them resoled...
  9. pred02

    Leather Soles on nice shoes: to protect or not to protect?

    I know there is a lot of discussion whether it's worth putting some sort of rubber protection on new leather shoes to protect the soles from wear and leather and increase the lifespan of the shoe, or just leaving the leather as-is. I have a couple of pair of new nice Brunos and Ferragamo...
  10. seok

    Adding a thin layer of rubber sole to leather-sole

    As a New England resident without a car, I've been finding the leather soled shoes a bit fragile. I started wearing my first few pairs of leather soled shoes - I love the fit, absorption, and weight, but it kills me to walk through pavement and wet weather. Coming home to find them beaten up, a...

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