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  1. merkwurdigliebe

    The Real McCoys Lot 001xx Washed Selvedge Denim Jeans 31

    The Real McCoys Lot 001xx Washed Selvedge Denim Jeans Size 31 Brand new with all tags still attached, original long inseam still intact
  2. Schlangsi

    Fake or Real authentification check Kapital sweater

    Can someone legit check this Kapital sweater for me pls
  3. Autenticitycheck

    Is this wallet real or fake?

    Okay so a friend of mine is playing a trick on me cause he knows my knowledge on this matter is limited. As the caption saya, can anyone tell this wallet real or fake? Thanks.
  4. Aziz10

    Karl real or fake

    hello , i wanted to buy a karl sweat but we dont have karl shops in my country so i have to buy it from a particular and im not sure if its real or fake can anyone tell me ? its karl ikonik metallic . those are the photos of the product . Thanks :) (what confused me the most is the back ticket...
  5. C

    Kiton Jacket Authentication Assistance

    I wanted to purchase this jacket, I've already evaluated the seller and they seem to be credible, however, I am not as familiar with Kiton as other brands. The seller did give me close up photos of the tags. Also, the seller did not know of the style name of the jacket. Any help would be greatly...
  6. S

    Two Burberry Coats - Authenticity Check Please

    Hey guys, I'm trying to purchase a second hand burberry coat, and had great help with the last post so I was hoping I could get these two coats checked as well. Your comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,
  7. D

    Is this really Burberry?

    Hey guys. I saw this buckethat supposedly from Burberry and wondered if it's real or not. Any expert here? Hope somebody could help me :) Thanks!
  8. D

    Is this legit?

    Hi guys. I'm really sorry if this is the wrong forum to ask I'm new here and don't know where I'm supposed to ask questions regarding the authentication of clothes and street wear stuff. So the thing is I found a sweatshirt of Stone Island that's probably not real but I want to know if the...
  9. lisa1234567890

    Fake or real Burberry

    Hey, I was in a vintage store when I saw some nice pants. When I got home to remove the tag, I saw the label with ‘Burberrys’. I don’t think it is a real Burberry, but maybe some of you can help me and say how I can recognize the fake vs real . Just to make sure :)
  10. H

    Authentic Gucci?

    Im buying some gucci shirts for my bf from a secondary source and i was curious if someone could tell me if these real or fake.
  11. D

    is this MontBlanc wallet fake?

    Hello This is my first post so if this is in the wrong section of the forum, please advise me where to move this to. Anyways, I scored this wallet from eBay for a very good price and would like some confirmation as to whether this is genuine. The stitching is very good and the construction is...
  12. ebmk3891

    Fake or Real (Authentic, Genuine, etc.) -- Official Authentication Thread

    I know I should be wary of fakes, but this one seems legit to me. Seller doesn't have a lot of feedback (51 to be exact with perfect rating) and has mostly been a buyer. The one exception as a seller was a similar Burberry jacket at the same price (unfortunately, the auction is older than 90...

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