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  1. S

    Is my Filson 257 Genuine? (Zipper says "YKK")

    Hi, I'm new to these forums although I've lurked before. I had a question about a Filson I recently got. (I accidentally posted this in Style Advice by accident but meant to post here. I will flag the mods to delete the other post). Here's a link to pictures: http://imgur.com/a/q8GXE I got...
  2. clintonf

    Tusting UK Leather and Canvas Clipper Bag

    I have for sale a barely used Tusting Clipper leather and canvas bag in Green and Tan. I would say it's in excellent condition, save for a few surface scratches which I believe would come out with the correct treatment. I have a few items from Tusting and I really like the brand. I have tried...
  3. clintonf

    Gently Used Glaser Designs 17" Flaptop Bag in Black

    I have for sale a barely used Glaser Designs 17" Flaptop bag in black. I would say it's in excellent condition, save for a few surface scratches which I believe would come out with the correct treatment. I love Glaser Designs, but being in the UK, means that these are rarely available. This...
  4. eternitagrave


  5. strictly-4-my-pimps

    Messenger Bag?

    I am searching for a messenger bag for uni. It does not have to be leather but anything leather is welcome. I am looking for simplicity and functionality. Anything not made in India or China would be even more awesome. Thanks. Also something that does not break the bank but at least...
  6. ihavezippers

    Gear and garb for the bike commuter professional

    I bike commute to the subway generally everyday except blizzards or heavy freezes. Up until now, I've used an old North Face daypack I had to lug my suit, lunch, etc. This works ok, but I have to deal with some minor wrinkling. If anyone knows of a bag that can hold a suit with minimal...
  7. tgod93

    messenger bags

    Does anyone know of any good messenger bags that are of similar style to this one? http://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/accessories/bags/PRDOVR~51657/51657.jsp# The Jcrew one is alright but I was hoping for something with higher quality materials but with similar styling. Thanks ahead...
  8. jdimitri

    Finding THE leather bag...

    Or satchel, messenger, whatever you'd like to call it. Basically a one pocket slim leather satchel that will fit a thin 15" laptop. I will mostly only carry the laptop with me, perhaps along with a book on the odd occasion. $500 max, maybe $700 if it's that amazing. Will be worn with denim and...
  9. awellsfry

    Does anyone know the quality of JMD leather?

    I've been looking for a new brief case bag for a while, and I am so damn picky it sucks. I saw the styles on this website and LOVED them but didn't trust it due to the lack of info and the price. Can anyone fill me in or point me in the right direction for a bag like this...
  10. sailawayforever

    Cloth messenger bag that collapses down flat

    Hey, I'm looking for a cloth messenger bag that can collapse down really well so I can put it in a travel bag. I'm backpacking for about a year, and all the 'collapsible daypacks' that are available are awful looking nylon things. So, I'm wondering if there are messenger bags (or just bags...
  11. furo

    Thoughts on this Barbour Messenger Laptop Bag?

    Thoughts on this Barbour bag? Looking for something smart yet casual, I work in a non finance or law job fyi, this one is $180 after a 10% discount, so I'm not looking to compare it to a RL Purple Label bag Tired of lugging my laptop around in a black samsonite laptop bag
  12. LawrenceMD

    Filson Bag Thread: With Pictures

    Lets make a thread to use to compare the different Filson Bags in their different colors. This way you don't have to do multiple google searches to see whats up and compare. SO PLEASE PUT PICTURES UP OF YOUR FILSON BAGS SO WE CAN SEE THE COLORS/MODELS/POTENTIAL PATINA AND WEAR. THANKS! My dad...

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