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  1. Geoff Gander

    Best way to shrink linen

    I bought a 100% linen shirt at a great price ($10, BNWT), but it's a tad too blousy. It's been washed, but not put in the dryer. If I do stick it in, do you think I'll get a decent amount of shrinkage, or will I have to tailor it? Geoff
  2. Picasso

    Pocket squares to a job interview?

    Is it acceptable to wear a pocket square to a job interview? I was thinking of a square fold in either white or pale pink.
  3. Milhouse

    what does it mean to wear something ironically?

    In the navy blazer hate thread, many people mention wearing clothes in an "ironic" manner. I have absolutely no idea what this means. Can someone explain this concept to me?
  4. Master-Classter

    Ask A Question, Get An Answer... - Post All Quick Questions Here (Classic menswear)

    Figured it might be time for this... Perhaps a pin? Just to cut down on all the clutter and new members jumping in for one question Mods - edit/delete as you wish, just trying to help. This seems quite useful in SW&D My Quick Questions: What does the term "drop" mean? Are there rules for...
  5. usctrojan55

    Amount of Fabric Needed for Suit and Pants

    I am going to purchase some fabric for a suit. I am 6 feet, average build. I have read I need appx. 4 meters for a suit. Is this correct? How much for odd pants? 1.5 meters? Thanks
  6. Woody0810

    Hugo & Hugo Boss what's the difference?

    Hi, I have just recently purchased a Hugo Boss 'Cary Grant' dinner jacket and have been informed that there are different quality variations of Hugo Boss. Can anyone explain please what the difference between Hugo Boss and Boss is, as I am confused. Also on looking on the iside of the suit...
  7. XeF4

    Inseam Compared to Height

    I am 6'1 and I have always wore a 34 inseam. I was told recently by somebody in the fashion industry that that was too long for my height and that I should be wearing a 32". Is there a table with this kind of info on the internet? What is your height compared to your inseam? Me - 6'1", 34
  8. Gus

    Pocketsquare 101

    Here is a nice overview on pocket squares. I for one, like either a sharp TV fold for a formal look or a loose puff with a few corners sticking out randomly when going casual. But, in the end, do whatever you like and have fun with it. http://artofmanliness.com/2008/06/15...pocket-square/
  9. PatriotsFan

    Pocket Square Problem - suit chest pocket sewn shut!

    Do most suit jackets have their chest pockets sewn shut? Is it possible to have them unsewn so I can fit a pocket square inside?

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