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  1. Midisurf

    Are these Levis real?

    Hi first post here just wanted to know about these jeans. Bought them from here http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Levis-501-NWT-7-colors-to-choose-from-43-FREE-SHIPP-/360255651527?pt=UK_Men_s_Jeans&var=&hash=item53e0e8fec7...
  2. dieselman89

    Best Brands of Denim under $150

    I've started to do some research on the forum looking for the best brands that make jeans under $150. Some of us cannot justify spending over $100 on denim while others pend up to $300. As far as value, the names frequently mentioned are Uniglo and Levis 501s. Does anyone else have any good...
  3. vito1

    Levi's vintage clothing 512 bootcut?

    Levi's vintage clothing 512 bootcut (1920's CHINO or CHIRO) jens, what is that? Nice details, some with selvage pockets. Can be found in Ross for very little $ Any input will be appreciated.
  4. GargleBlaster

    Khakis that fit like 501s?

    I ride my bicycle everywhere. School is a 5-mile commute. Jeans aren't the most comfortable thing to ride in, especially in the summer, but my 501s have the perfect rise in the back. I had some slim fit Lands End Canvas khakis, but a) the rise was too low and b) they were too small in the...
  5. PipersSon

    SW&D Version: Leaving the US, what do you recommend I should buy that this country does well?

    I am leaving the US, and chances are I will not be coming back on a permanent basis. I have a very specific request/ question for SF members. Before I leave- which is likely to happen by end August - I want to stock up on SW&D items (clothing, shoes, briefcases). The assumption is that...
  6. jeromestyle

    Does it exist? a jeans or denim line that is really high-end and exclusive that could be discussed o

    a jeans or denim line that is really high-end and exclusive that could be discussed only in the Men's Clothing forum category instead of the denim section? What´s the name of that brand?
  7. dreamtripper

    Levis Selvedge Denim

    I'm considering buying the 501 or 505 Selvedge. Are these considered to be pretty decent as far as Selvedge denim goes? Are these part of the Levis Vintage collection? http://us.levi.com/product/index.jsp...=selvedge&sr=1 http://us.levi.com/product/index.jsp...=selvedge&sr=1
  8. willpower

    Levi's In Store 50-65% Off Sale

    I don't know about every store, but I just got a beautiful pair of Heshers for $35 at the 3rd St Promenade. Sale stuff in the back of the store. Lots of 501s, 505s, 510s, 514s, some STFs, 597s.
  9. DGP

    New Line of Levi's?

    Has anyone seen/heard of Levi's Made & Crafted? I just saw a pair online and they look nice, but I'm suspicious that this is just a replacement for Capital E, which replaced Levi's Premium. Looks to be an attempt to take Levi's more upscale to compete in the $150-200 market, but maybe...
  10. wcarson89

    Levi 514 Selvedge

    Just saw these... http://us.levi.com/product/index.jsp...691994.3195585 thinking about ordering a pair, anyone have any info?

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