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leather jacket fit

  1. kai888

    Leather Jacket fit (pictures) Too tight

    Hi everyone! Thanks in advance for your advice, I recently bought a lambskin leather jacket ( I can return it within 1 week). Do you think it fits too tight? I have lifted weights regularly and might put on a little bit more mass. No doubt this will have some influence. The next size up...
  2. sebseb

    Leather jacket fit

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a new leather jacket, something to wear with layers underneath during cold weather. I came across the jacket in the photos, size XXL regular fit. Around shoulders and chest is just right, XL size is uncomfortable. I'm having a bit of a question mark with the fit...
  3. K

    Thoughts on the fit of this biker jacket?

    My father was a hardcore biker, and recently he gifted me one of his cowhide leather biker jackets. I like the style of the jacket but it doesn’t seem to fit well (feels big), and I would like to gather some different perspectives before I wear it, sell it, or condemn it to life imprisonment in...
  4. Gareth Q. Nguyen

    Does anyone know what suede jacket Johannes Huebl wears for the Chopard campaign?

    The green suede jacket that Johannes Huebl wears in Chopard campaign looks insanely great. Does anyone know what brand it's from?
  5. E

    How is this leather jacket ?

    Hello everyone, My first message ever. I found this leather jacket from the brand "each x other". The leather seems to be quite good quality (sheep leather) but I have doubts about the style. Isn't it too much ? What do you think ? Also I am wondering if it's not too short. Any advice would...
  6. L

    How does my leather jacket fit?

    I’ve just got my first ever leather jacket. I really like it, I feel good wearing it and I think the overall fit is good but I’m a little worried about the sleeves length. I usually wear M (the jacket is L) but I’m afraid the M would be too tight and I would look like a sausage. What do you think?
  7. K

    Vintage Schott Leather Jacket 618

    Hey all, Long time lurker, first tie poster! I wanted y'all's opinion on a recent purchase, a vintage 618 Schott Perfecto leather jacket. I wasn't sure about sizing, but I found a great deal on one that happen to barley make my size(38). I am about 6' tall, 36-38 chest, 28 waist, 170 lb. I like...
  8. Makasa

    Layering under your leather

    hey all. What’s everyone’s advice/opinion on layering underneath leather jackets Meaning... Before you purchase a new jacket do you take layering into consideration? Do you size up for this? Will layering affect the shoulder size as well as chest and arms? Does the leather stretching come into...
  9. Julian Wilson

    Are my leather jacket sleeves too long?

    Hi all, I just bought this aviator style brown leather jacket from Danier which I absolutely love. It's my first leather jacket purchase ever. However, the past couple days I've been trying to figure out if my sleeves are too long or not. I've heard a lot of conflicting opinions and I'm looking...
  10. miracle max

    Is this how this fits? (Leather Moto jacket)

    Just picked up this jacket. Its from a small Chicago Co. called "straight to hell". They make leather jackets, and this one is called the commando. Its there take on a classic American style leather motorcycle jacket with a tight, fitted look. I have been wanting this type of coat forever so i...
  11. Pastafarian

    Leather Jackets: Always buy a size smaller...

    Do you all agree? I find most of the leather jackets I own become too big over time. I really like the snug feeling of a brand new leather jacket and that doesn't last... I purposely bought a new leather jacket that is a size smaller than what I'm used to wearing. Did I make the right choice...

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